Two questions...

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Nov 3, 2001
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Duh, guys, I have a few questions:

How exactly do the ChargeDist and bForceRadius properties (under FortStandard) affect botplay? The explanation down at UnrealTechnology is somewhat poor.

What happens, if I put the DefensePriority of two FortStandards to the same number?


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May 21, 2001
Aaaarrrggghhhh .....

Luq, Yoda, anyone !!!!!

Bring back the threads from the old Level Editing forums ... the answer is there, ready for Your search engine to get it !

Well, charge distance is the minimum distance the bot starts firing the fort in case it is a destroyable one. The bot must have a line-of-sight to the target and it must be in the same zone. You usually place a pathnode carrying the same Tag that You give in the NearestPathnodeTag. The bot simply goes to that pathnode and starts looking around ... it actually does NOT know where exactly the fort is so make it so the bot FACES the fort when it arrives to that node ... not required but speeds up things a lot.

The force radius has very similar effect and it is used to switch the bots from node-to-node mode into direct attack mode.

I would let these settings be alone.

If there is equal priority in two items to be chosen, the usual way the engine reacts is to pict the first one to be in the list. You can change the order by setting the item last or first. However, the fort standards have a slightly different way of operation, they are randomised AFTER each match, so the first round goes in the list order and the following rounds are randomised (or they should be). If You let the game select the order of priority, be warned, the bots WILL attack the fort standards one at a time. They will pass a perfect target if it is not the turn of that fort standard. At this aspect the AI really sucks and makes designing a good tactical AS map almost impossible.

There are many caveats in assault maps. The most dangerous one is the maximum number of fort standards. Never exceed 16 as there is a bug in AI that internally limits the number to this. The sad news is that there is no mechanism that limits the fixed size array from leaking ....
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