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To those stuck on serpentine..

Discussion in 'General Infiltration Discussion' started by JediCatch, Aug 1, 1999.

  1. JediCatch

    JediCatch Guest

    I personally have no problem with serpentine, I like playing it every once in a while, but I like infiltration better.
    What I have a problem with is people coming into MY clan server and complaining about how horrible Inf is and how much better serpentine is. Most of these people don't even give it a chance, they just start cussing about it. (another thing I can't stand) There isn't really much we can do about this, I guess, except try to keep the peace, but it is totally uncalled for.

    [ Jedi Catch ]
    SOB Clan and Jedi Forums
  2. Catalyst

    Catalyst Guest

    Yes, that is unfortunate. Maybe they should read that Nali City review, eh? /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif
  3. JediCatch

    JediCatch Guest

  4. HuFlungDung

    HuFlungDung Guest

    The one thing in Serpentine that I find really awesome is the scope on the sniper rifle. I like the fact that it cuts your field of view just like in real life. Plus, if you hold on a target for a long time, the thing starts to waver and shake like in real life, when your arms get tired. If that function could be transported into infiltration, I would probably not miss serpentine so much.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    yeah, but I'm sure this will be added in V3. This is only the 2nd release (or 2.1) of Infiltration. How many did Serpentine had? 8, I think. That's quite a difference. And I don't really like serp anymore, the projectiles seemed to be slow, the wepaons were too unprecise (someone who's in posession of a Steyr Aug MUST have learned to use it), the weapons weren't fatal enough and I didn't like the sounds.
    SORRY! I have respect for Serpentine but now someone has come whose mod is just better.

    (BTW: Serps MP5 looks like a SMG2)

    again sorry if I should have annoyed someone, I don't really mean it.
  6. HuFlungDung

    HuFlungDung Guest

    I need to add that I do not like the machine gun in Serpentine, at least I have never figured out much about how to aim it. But, with regard to the serp guns being imprecise, you may get a surprise later if they incorporate real bullet trajectories into Infiltration. The way a real gun fires is imprecise in the sense that bullet drop is a continual factor to be accounted for. I have learned to shoot the .45 cal in serpentine well enough that I use it a lot and have good success with it. It takes practise just like using a real gun would.
    Also, I agree that the sounds are not outstanding with the serp weapons. The absolute best weapons' sounds (IMO) are with the halflife guns.
    My biggest beef right now is that I cannot find more than 1 infiltration server in my unreal browser and it pings at about 700. I have managed a few games of serpentine with a 300 to 400 ping and had fun. So unfortunately, infiltration sits mostly unused on my system, since the bots don't really play right.
  7. JediCatch

    JediCatch Guest

    mp5s do not ride up as much as they do in serp. I agree that the trajectory thing should be changed, and it will in infiltration, look at their road map. At the rate the Infiltration team is going compared to serpentine, I bet it will be incorporated sooner.

    Also, I would like to make note that the SOB infiltration server is always up with a great ping for me. The ping when you look at the server is not always good, but when I get in it is the fastest I have seen! I have knocked people's heads off many times with the pistol in inf, even though it is seemingly random. My point being that in both mods the guns are not totally acurate to the sight, but you can get used to them like real life.

    [ Jedi Catch ]
    SOB Clan and Jedi Forums
  8. Warren

    Warren Guest

    Ballistics will be incorporated into Infiltration and it will certainly add a lot to the playability. We'll try to make it as accurate as possible- and this may take a few bug fixes, but we'll do it /infopop/emoticons\icon_wink.gif

    Neo made a good point in that in OUR opinion, anyone who has the ability to wield our weapons, knows how to shoot them too- which was one of my problems with Serp's MP5 when you held down full auto for any length of time, your accuracy went to crap in even a fairly short distance. I remember when I first fired the M16 on full auto, I did better and I was a 'newbie'! and plus an mp5 is much easier to control than an M16.
  9. Twig

    Twig Guest

    Well, I think the M16 is easier to control, because you don't have to aim it at your target as long as the mp5 (the bullets inflict more damage), but that's just me. [​IMG]

  10. JediCatch

    JediCatch Guest

    how the heck do ya do the big buck-toothed grin??

    [ Jedi Catch ]
    SOB Clan and Jedi Forums
    Wenn jedermann mir mit Deutschem helfen kann, lassen Sie mich wissen. Ich werde Lektionen bald nehmen.
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    kann ich machen...
    for you: I can do that /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif
  12. Twig

    Twig Guest

    Type a : and then a E. Somewhere there's a page that lists all of the emoticons. The FAQ might have something.

  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Infiltration and Serpentine have their strengths and weaknesses. I find the timing and aiming in Serpentine to just right but I like the rip roaring feel of the Infiltration weapons. A couple of things have bugged me about inf weapons. Like the mega slow timing on grenade throwing for both detonation and distance. And one real problem I have is the fact that when you find a gun you have to load a clip in to it. The only reason I dont like this is becuase I like using manual reloads and I find it to disruptive in the middle of a heavy gun fight to find a gun then load the clip while three guys are chasing me. After all in a battle situation guns are usuall ready for action with the saftey the only thing stopping you from stomping the enemy. Also in infiltration (stand-off) the running speed is way to slow. It would be great if you had a reduced speed with aiming that gave you improved stealth (reduced noise in footsteps) and a slightly faster but less accurate running mode with out the stealth. One other thing it that I personally prefer in the Serpentine approach is in (machine) guns where the barrel heats up and accuracy is lost as opposed to the machine gun that lifts up continually. It think warren said he was gonna fix this.

    Dont get me wrong I love Inf and feel it is a great mod with tons of potential. Just a couple of tweaks will help establish that sense of style that makes INF what it is! Few mods give you that ready rumble kick but action why still offering tatical playing styles.


    [This message has been edited by -=[SiR-w-TiT]=- (edited 08-04-1999).]
  14. Warren

    Warren Guest

    Hehe- well let me try to address your concerns.. not that I will convince you to change your mind or anything-

    The frag grenade has a 5 second fuze.. this does seem like a long time in the middle of a battle, but these battles aren't yet very realistic. As far as grenade throwing goes, I guess that will always be classed as an opinion thing since I feel it's fairly good. I should point out that I'm fairly biased though.. /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

    The whole concept of the weapons needing to be loaded first stems from another part of reality-- you wouldn't find a gun just sitting on the ground 'ready to fire'. First of all, they would be grouped together somehow, or at least put in places other than the floor. Technically, the only place you should pick a weapon off the floor is from the fingers of a cold, dead bot/player- in which case you won't need to perform the initial load anyhow. Second, it's just plain fake to have a not-yet-used weapon with a bullet already in the chamber unless someone went around and charged the bolt on every weapon before gameplay. This is perhaps one of the most realistic parts of the weapons. The only guns that don't do this is the shotgun (which works kinda differently anyhow), the HK69 (the reloading sequence takes too long in this case), and the PSG1 sniper rifle (because I didn't finish the weapon in time). The PSG1 will work similiar to the other weapons, but the Robar won't since it's a bolt action rifle. So to sum that part up, it's just plain wrong to pick up a new weapon and expect it to fire when you pull the trigger.

    The StandOff speed is limited in general. Our concept of StandOff is to eventually be as realistic as possible. The default speed of this is like walking. It would be nice if you could say hold down Shift and have a burst of running, but it would make more noise and be harder to shoot your weapon accurately. Unfortunately though, this isn't possible yet because Unreal has 2 speeds- running and walking-- and the default speed is running.. so if that is already slow, you can't go anywhere but down.. At this time, with the whole concept of StandOff being realism, we'll keep the speed the same and consider it the more strategic game mode. I personally love it.

    We will be adding ballistics to the weapons in version 3, but adding barrel heat and bullet cook-off temps will have to take a back burner. The gun 'lifting up' is to force the player to compensate for kick in a weapon, of course. The M16 is very good at this too. In our opinion, we consider the player already knows how to use all these weapons and thus holding down the trigger on an automatic weapon won't decrease your accuracy a whole lot. The idea is to allow the player more control of how 'bad' he/she shoots. As the course of Infiltration progresses, we'll fine-tune this as best we can to make it the most realistic.

    Hope that gave you a general idea of the how and why- but don't hesitate to post your opinions because sometimes we see ones that will make it into a future version! You should see my Infiltration Ideas txt file! [​IMG]
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I like the fact that you are going after intense realism in Stand off. There are a few things you could do to make it better though!

    Three things that need to be adressed are Stealth, Speed and Exauhstion. ie a player runs he makes more noise. He runs for a long time he starts to breathe heavy and his aim is shaky. Even after he stops running if he is really tiered then you could still hear him breathing. I think that Infiltration would be greatly improved if you added an exauhstion meter (visble to the player or not) that effects player aim and stealth. Higher exauhstion equals reduced accuracy and heavy breathing. An exauhstion meter would add alot of stategy because a player who runs contiuous is an easy target cause you can here em a mile away while players who use running for burst attacks would get a nice advantage. The spirt of Stand off would reamain.

    Most people I know bind shift to crouch because it is almost the same speed as walking but with a lower body position so you could conider using crouch to activate a sort of stealth stance with a slightly lower body position while walking and little noise. Or you could tie player speed aiming so that if they have their gun up in aiming mode their chacacter is taking a catious stance with better aim and reduced noise. Problem with that is how do you walk with a grenade?

    One other thing I think would be great is if while you were running (if it were possible in standoff or handled more universally) the cross hair would dissapear... after all it would be a fair way to implement an aiming penalty for the speed trade off.

    As for the grendade issue.. my problem is that it just takes way way way way to long to through the grenade any reasonable distance... like 20 feet. Detonation I think woudl sit nice at 3 seconds.
    Thanks for listening

  16. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I like the idea of the disappearing crosshair. And I agree that it take too long till the grenade flies towards your enemy.
  17. Hodag

    Hodag Guest

    I happen to enjoy Serpentine a great deal. Infiltration has more interesting weaponry and equipment, but Serpentine seems to be more enjoyable. I think if there was an aim mode for the Infiltration weapons, that would help. Maybe a silencer(suppressor) and get rid of the Unreal crosshairs!!! [​IMG]

    --Oh Great... another Mac

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