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Tips against Xan

Discussion in 'Original Unreal Tournament' started by Caern, Dec 7, 1999.

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  1. Caern

    Caern New Member

    Dec 7, 1999
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    Xan seems to be an auto-adjust bot, and is causing headaches cause most people don't seem to be able to beat him. I'm not sure if a novice would have an easier time than a godlike player, since it auto adjusts, but i started the tournament on adept and here is how i learned to beat Xan.

    Cause real gamers don't cheat

    The low grav on this map, combined with all the openings to jum in and out of on the ship means you can get around quite fast. learn to use this to your advantage. On top of the ship is the Rocket launcher, and from here you can just run (don't jump) right off the edge and onto the shield belt. if xan is already in that hallway and you know you won't survive, you call fall from the opening by the shield belt and land on top of the thrusters. learn these tactics well.

    ok anyways to beat xan i basically ran circles in the hall with the shieldbelt, and used a rocket launcher as my weapon, i turned instant rocket fire off. i ran in circles gaurding the shield belt until xan came. he'd start shooting at me, so i'd back up while loading rockets. as soon as they were almost ready to fire, i aimed for the spot where xan would be. boom. 1st kill.
    this went on for a few kills until he learned to stay back farther and bomb me with the flak. with his accuracy i got fragged a few times till i learned to do something different. This is where i figured out that the biorifle is actually the deadliest gun in the game (xcpet the redeemer) on a per shot basis. the secondary mode when fully charged, will kill xan instantly even when he has 100 health AND a shield belt. i got a few frags like this in the hallway. i basically stuck to the tactics i used for the RL in the hallway for the whole match. using the flak cannon, RL, Minigun, and biorifle. There's another great tactic you can use too, but it requires excellent accuracy at long distances. grab the shock rifle and then try to lure xan outside with you. jump over to the opposite side of the ship, over the rocket launcher. Xan will follow you to get the kill, so he'll jump too. as soon as he jump to his highest point, nail him with the shock's primary and bounce him right off the edge of the map which will kill him. keep this up long enough and you'll finally beat this guy.
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