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Thoughts on new raptor by Nomad (long)

Discussion in 'General UTXMP Discussion' started by Skipr, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. Skipr

    Skipr New Member

    Apr 1, 2004
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    /\Nomad posted this in our forums and it was real good so I will post it here to hear everyones thoughts

    A few words on the new raptor.


    Holy Man! That thing goes fast than a bat out of hell! I love the speed, so much fun. But, on the othere hand does it make it a little unfair? It can be very difficult to take down. It used to be that two good shots with grandes from atech would take one out, not any longer, seems to require three; asnd its much more difficult to hit for some reason.


    I love the self-righting ability. I mean the thing levels off in mid flight so when you land you dont take any damage. Thats really fun to do and does make for some excitement. But then the whole issue of balance within the game comes into play. You could lauch that sucker from the top of Mt.Fuji and still land on your feet and drive away. The draw back to that is that it detracts from the skill required to play the game which is always what has attracted me to the game. WHat I like about the U@ raptor was that you did have to be careful when driving it and it required some skill; not just pointing to the other side of the map and givin' er'. Mabye more damage upon landing would be something to look at.

    Spin outs and braking

    Braking is just about the same with one exception. You cant do spin outs or side swipes!!!!!!!! I personally would love to see that ability come back. The origianl raptor acted more like a FWD with a handbrake allowing tight spin outs and quick changes in direction where the new rap you cant do that. When you try a spin out it just changes its angle of attack a couple of degrees and slows down to a stop; kinda weak. As for the new low slung version, I cant really determine and difference as a result other than the fact it makes it easier for teammates to jump on and hitch a ride. So ya, the low slung is kinda cool.

    Machine gun turret

    New sound for the turret is very cool. Sounds like a WW2 gunner or something. There appears to be issue with the direction of the turret. When you get in it appears as though the turret is pointing in a different direction than it was when you get in; not a big deal just a glitch. There is one other notable change. Instead of having a "spray" of bullrets come out it now has a distinct line of fire (if im not confusing oit with the gun in the tank). This makes it more difficlult I think to use. Most of the time your flying around the map and have a wider field of bullets spaying about at least makes it possible to land a few shots. For now ill leave that issue up for debate.


    These things are way too tough. Really fun!!!!!!! But too tough. Like I touched on earlier in this post its great to fly like superman from one side of the map to the other, but, it may make the game too easy. With the self-righting, weakened tech granades and super high speeds, not to mention it just doest seem to take damage when driven into things, I think it is too tough. The greatest appeal to me as a gamer is that XMP is a game that actually requires teamwork, communication and skill. As a senior citizen of the gaming community thats what I look for. I havent so much as sniffed at a nintendo in over 10 years for that reason. Again its a balance issue. Save the indistructable vehicles for Need for Speed. Part of the mystique of the original raptor is its vulnerability combined with its capability. I think it needs work in this area. But Holy MAN its FUN!!!!!!!

    Engine sound

    Ill keep this one short. Just use the sounds from u2xmp. Aint broke dont fix.


    Cool. The 2nd horn comes into play spiratically when flying through the air. Almost intuitive somehow. I dig it. Two thumbs up for the horn.

    I think that covers the full Gambit, if not some please fill in the blanks.

    "Cry Havoc, and let slip the dogs of war."

  2. Killinya

    Killinya [BBF]Killinya

    Feb 2, 2004
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    Low Slung:
    seems to get Hi-centered more than it did in u2...

    Machine gun damage... Seems to be less than in u2...though that could be attributed to the more accurate fire mentioned above.

    love the low center look though...

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