Thoughts on AS-Confexia

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Just thought I'd post a list of my thought on this much-anticipated map, and get yours as well.

Basic layout seems good. I like the architechture... neo-apocalyptica allways looks good in UT, ey ^_^ GREAT intro!

The first flaw I did notice was the utter LACK of vehicles. This map is fronted as a vehicle-centric map, but the assaulters don't initially have access to very many vehicles other than a few Mantas and a couple of Scorpions, easy prey for the Defense. This makes the initial assault rather difficult, and even more so once you get inside the street and are going after the enemy armor production pads.

Likewise, the Defense hardly ever has any vehicles at all, except for the first of the map and a little bit during the middle, when they need them the least.

At this point, the Offense will start having access to every vehicle imaginable (except the Leviathan of course) while the defense will ahve one tank and a couple of Raptors. The map is also littered with changun-turrets for use by the Defenders ONLY, but these are hardly any use since the map augments the armor of the vehicles a LOT. Besides, the CGT's are open-ari so the gunner can be killed before the turret is destroyed, so a good tank shot can quickly eliminate this threat (only to infantry and light vehicles, mind you).

Once the Offense pushes in eve further, they will have access to an enourmous ammount of vehicles, compared to the Defense, who must now use rocket launchers to try and destroy the oncoming tanks (which is exceedingly difficult given that they have a ton of health now).

Now, why complain about the lack of vehicles so much? because ALL the objectives are destruction objectives with TONS of health. Until the middle of the map, the Offense is at a great disadvantage, having to use rocket launchers and other "peas shooters" to chip away at the targets. Later on, tohugh, they have tanks and other armor with which to quickly decimate the objectives (tanks are very powerful against the objectives).

Another thing: this map is INSANELY long. it takes about 20 minutes (no kidding) to complete it IF YOU ARE 1337. the bot team managed to rush us in about 20-21 minutes, but it would have taken me and my bots about 25 minutes to complete the objectives! The suggested time limmit is 30-35 minutes! make sure you've got some time on your hands before you sit down to this baby.

Another thing: It's far too linear. I know it's an AS map, but there's only usually one approach to an objective, usually via a heavily defended choke point.

Fina thoughts: Map needs several revisions. it's a GREAT map, but it needs balancing. the changes to the vehicle armor stats made the player weapons useless as a neutralizing force against them. Even Raptors can withstand several AVRIL rockets without flinching. Map also needs some other kind of turret, possibly the plasma turrets from that other AS map, or a rocket turret of some kind. Also needs more vehicles overall, and needs more for the offense at the beginning (I'm not talking give 'em tanks, but give 'em lots more mantas/scorps so they don't all ahve to hoof it after one unsuccessful wave wiating for the vehicls to respawn) and same for the later objectives for the Defense. they need some heavy armor to stem the tide, as the CGT's are mostly useless by that point.

Also needs defender teleport pads. nothing like being in a defense spot. loosing it, and then having to walk halfway across the (huge) map to get to the next spot.

Bottom Line: Great map, but needs a good bit of work.

Overall score: 7.5



enemy of time
Sep 1, 2000
Sarasota, FL
I agree that the initial assault is hard as sh*t! I just played this for the first time a couple nights ago. I never got past the first assault (no, wait, I mean didn't get past the 2nd assault), but I only played it once. My bots suck and it needs more vehicles (agreed). Also, definitely set the time for assaults for a longer time.

Score: 7


Waiting for next UT
Jul 5, 2005
Bratislava, Slovakia
Funny to write after such a long time ;-) since last post... but:

I'm glad to read these thoughts because when I downloaded this map it was always refered as SOMETHING big. Maybe it has some historical value as an custom 2k4 assault, but I never liked it much. I have nothing against some kind of AS-Overlord thin path where all my team mates go down again and again - it is assault, ok. But here it is a little bit immoderate. The point where both parties have tanks and two targets defended by heavy machine guns have to be destroyed - that was too much for me. I played it couple of times, and this was the only place I remembered well. I don't even know if I finished it already. :)

Tough, linear, too big, low FPS on my computer (ok, this was not objective ;-)).