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The UT Black Hole

Discussion in 'New Version Suggestions' started by Omega, May 26, 2000.

  1. Omega

    Omega New Member

    Dec 19, 1999
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    Okay, we all know that I love you guys. Anyone who listens to people rant and complain about a product they produce out of passion rather than profit, ought to be congratulated. I get irked when people have the gall to DEMAND things from you great guys.

    Okay enough of the smooching.

    What I'm going to talk about what has been said before, but I'd still like to give my elaborated view on it. UT has a black hole - you can shoot through a scope anywhere from 1 foot away from the target's head, and as long as the target is sufficiently FAR (!) enough, you will get a head-shot. Infiltration, in its current form, also suffers from this as we all have discovered.

    Now my question is, what then is the benefit of using a different weapon? Why don't we just use the silenced H&K? I'm sure all of you, like me aim for the head ANYWAY. At risk of being flamed, though CS (flame-shield) is unrealistic in the way you take damage - it does make it more *fun* in the sense that you do feel that it makes a significant DIFFERENCE what weapon you have, because you won't be doin' nobody in with one shot.

    So here's my suggestion. Every shot aimed at the head will have a significant % chance of completely missing, even if looks like it is going to hit, except at point-blank range, or a direct sniper shot dead in the centre.

    Also, if any bots are going to run in to point blank range, I'd appreciate it if they did so to KNIFE you, rather than shoot (!) you - I mean why would they come in at point blank range and circle you to shoot you *duh*.. I'd like to see them stand their ground, crouch and shoot from behind cover - running away to better cover if need be.

    Also, I noticed that some of you are complaining about the inhuman awareness of the bots - almost like sixth sense on where you are. That unrealism is introduced because of the level you guys are playing. I found that by playing at an average level, and changing the bot stats from there, it greatly enhances difficulty without seeming unrealistic. Try it. Keep awareness and strafing below 75%, and mix and match the rest of the stats to simulate different playing styles for each bot, and you will get an incredibly enjoyable game - it was VERY real (except when they get stuck in one spot!). Don't forget to take off auto-adjust skill level.

    Here's my general guideline:
    High strafers have reduced accuracy and vice-versa
    campers have higher awareness, and a little higher accuracy
    berzerkers have low accuracy and high strafe
    aggressive have high accuracy and awareness but low strafe and camping
    cautious have higher camping, and higher awareness


    Don't frag me, love me.
  2. Skyluck

    Skyluck New Member

    May 1, 2000
    Likes Received:

    well i could be mistaken, but some of that stuff you mentioned, most of the aiming stuff, is in the roadmap.

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