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The Third Reich: Day Three

Discussion in 'News & Articles' started by hal, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. hal

    hal Dictator Staff Member

    Nov 24, 1998
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    Here comes day three of The Third Reich's campaign that will culminate in the release of TTR v1.2. They've posted five new screenshots of the mod, including some very nice menu screens. You can also check out the raw developers log, view the entire change list, and check out all of the details. This is the biggest day yet... get over there!

    New Stuff:
    Brand new player models and high-resolution skins for all avaliable roles
    A completely redone scoreboard that displays everything from the number of TK's a player has to what role they are playing
    New weapon skins for the M1918A2 BAR and Thompson M1A1. Many other weapons now have high-resolution textures
    A reworked locational damage system that rewards well-placed shots to the chest and head
    In-game menu systems used to select team and role now have a new graphical scheme, historical information and pictures.
    A new HUD scheme was added along with dramatic background drawings that show up when the game ends
    Speech/Bot command menu is redone and similar to the UT2003 one. Voices are now heard as "real-world" sounds
    Weapon firing and explosion sounds now have realistic distance effects on them so as to be heard by players from far away
    4 new roles avalible for use by mappers. 3 of them are SSSchuetze roles with different camoflague skins.
    The scopes on both the Springfield M1903 and Gewher 43 have been redone with much detail and light fading effects
    There are now 4 new music tracks for mappers to use
    Added the stationary M1919A4 machine gun
    Totally new german voice pack
    4 brand new maps entitled Merderet, Besieged, Nuenen and Merkers!

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