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The Third Reich: Day One

Discussion in 'News & Articles' started by hal, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. hal

    hal Dictator Staff Member

    Nov 24, 1998
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    Day one of the TTR campaign begins with a look at two new maps, the first of which is pictured to the right. Stop by TTR for many, many more!

    The first map is called Merderet, mapped by spunge himself.
    Merderet is the name of the river which played an important role during
    world war II.
    The Merderet River flows from a point two miles southwest of Valognes in a
    southeasterly direction. Four and a half miles south of Montebourg the
    Merderet changes direction sharply and continues to the south where it meets
    with the Douve River one mile northeast of Beuzeville La Bastille. The
    allied troops where to destroy or secure certain bridges that crossed the
    Merderet river.

    The second map we are going to show you is called Besieged made by
    Besieged is a fictional battle taking place in a French axis controlled
    In this map we also have four objectives which the allies need to do in
    order to win this level.

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