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The Soulkeeper Interview on Mod N Mod

Discussion in 'News & Articles' started by Raffi_B, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. Raffi_B

    Raffi_B Administrator

    Oct 27, 2002
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    Mod N Mod snagged an interview with Don Morti and Volund of The Soulkeeper. Here's a snippet:

    Very impressive! And what about the spell system you mentioned, I assume it's one of the bits that you hope will attract the RPG fans to play The SoulKeeper?
    Arx Fatalis. Black and White. And now SoulKeeper. Our Spellcasting system
    follows in the vein of mouse-gesturing spell systems in past games. To cast a spell, the players need to trace a gesture in the air and allow the spell to infuse their hand before casting. I wanted to veer away from the same old select a spell and click fire to cast, because we wanted SoulKeeper to appeal to RPG players and what better way than with a very RPG-esque Spellcasting system?
    You can catch the whole interview, along with some exclusive screenshots, over here.

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