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The Megaweapon™ Tournament

Discussion in 'Inspirational ideas' started by 8mm_BuLLEt, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. 8mm_BuLLEt

    8mm_BuLLEt I will rule the world!

    Nov 3, 2003
    Likes Received:
    hey everyone, i have an idea to make UT2003 into a mininuclear war. right, what we do it think up replacements (pick me! pick me!) for the usual UT2003. heres a weapon that i already though of to get you into the idea...

    The Erron Cannon - Redeemer mesh
    Primary Fire :
    Fires a link projectile just about 2x as big as a redeemer, and does 80 damage, and fires every 2.5 seconds.

    Ammo amount : 15
    Primary cost : 2
    Secondary cost : 5

    Secondary fire :
    Fires a massive link projectile, 2x as big as the primary fire one, and explodes with a MASSIVE ion explosion, only blue, and 2x as big, with 300 damage, pretty handy for FHINV, and fires every 4.5 seconds (c'mon, its real powerful).

    so, post your ideas here.... maybe this could be a future MSUC mute... then possibly a weapon mod...

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