The Ingenious Level Design of DmRiot by Hellkeeper

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Oct 6, 2012
DmRiot is one of the "new" maps that came bundled with 227 which were meant to showcase some of the new stuff one can do in Unreal. Generally speaking, it has a rather complex layout sporting some narrow corridors and broad spaces as well. Although the design is clean, the map is full of beautifully done trimming, accompanied with an even better brushwork that lacks slow zones or bugs in the BSP.

I like to think that the map takes place behind the facade of a dystopian empire's military building. Well, the decoration strongly implies something like that.

I have to admit that we for some strange reason never tried this one online although I had some experience with it. We decided to have the next match on a random map and it was DmRiot that came up.
I happened to stream this match, so if anyone is interested in watching 2 Hungarian dudes playing it out on this map then off ya go:
The first few minutes got spent as usual. Running around like crazy, guns blazing. Then, I happened to get killed at least five times in a row by my friend wielding a fully loaded quadshot which works perfectly well in the narrow pathways.
I had to take it slow from then on. The next big game changer were the sounds. We had a genuine fear of sounds on this map. The presence of a fully loaded Quadshot peeking out the next corridor not only rendered our movement to be slower, but also made our ears alert. I started avoiding picking stuff up by carefully circling around them to not to alert my enemy as he seemed to be far superior with the Quadshot.

The ground floor serves as a "hub" inside the map. You can reach every quarter of the map easily. It also has an elevator that grants quick access to the upper floor giving home to the almighty Quadshot.
Not to mention the map's only "super-pickup" a superhealth that is halfway covered with mud.

The heavy rains turned the ground into an ocean of mud. If you decide to traverse through this muddy area (to reach the elevator or the superhealth f.e.) you are risking a lot as the mud squelches heavily under your boots, alerting your enemy and thus placing yourself right into his crosshair.

The match became slower, but more tactical. I have to say that we had a LOT OF FUN with this map. Not sure if it was an intended design choice or just a gimmick but the whole muddy situation turned out perfectly.
I highly recommend trying this map with a friend.

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It's a bit of a mess right now, but I'm gonna re-haul the videos once I'll have some time to do so. These occasional Unreal matches are the only things connecting me to the outer world right now.


Warmest wishes for a happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year!
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