The Great Stargate Search

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Successor of Almarion
Jan 12, 2006
Warsaw, PL
Hey there.

--- note: this is a crosspost that's being posted on OU, USP, BU and UT99 --

After replaying Stargate Talisman and the Hungarian Project Mirror, I've decided that I'd need to collect everything in one place, that is tied to the Stargate Universe in one way or another, and made for U1 or UT99.

That is why I'm asking for (preferably with links to downloads if possible) everything for U1 or UT99 that contains any of the following:

- storyline placed in the Stargate universe openly
- existence of stargate devices / chappa'ai (even if they are not referred to as such)
- use of stargate terminology (such as referring to our Earth as the Tau'ri)

Gametype doesn't matter. This may be SP, DM, CTF, AS, MH, weapon packs, other kind of mods. As long as it fits any of these terms.

Help a collector out, would you kindly, fellas?