Terra Mining Region mod showcase (in development)

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(T:S:B)Clan Chief
Jul 24, 2010
Terra Mining Region
(In development)
As the mineral and resource harvesting efforts of the Skaarj occupation on Na Pali expands, so do their prospects. The Terra Mining Region, once a partitioned network of Nali folk homes, villages, communities and burial sites has become a landscape under progressively vigorous, encroaching Skaarj infrastructural development to facilitate an ever starving desire for constant 'bulk' material excavation and asphyxiated by the toxic fumes of looming industrial exhaust chimneys.

Stranded humans who are scrambling to survive the surrounding territory and the adjacent terrain, and lucky (enough) to survive or avoid the nearby Skaarj game grounds may find themselves here, whether for better or for worse. Maybe salvation here is far fetched, but with all factors considered, is it even worth letting fate decide?

Meanwhile, appointed Skaarj overlord of the region, Loszos'Jajir becomes increasingly suspicious of areas they are restricted from in their own territory. Are their masters hiding something from them?

Terra Mining Region, 227 exclusive and running on a new gametype which inherits alot of behaviours from Project Gryphon, is an open world collection of maps which can technically play out forever, as the Skaarj and their subsidiary minions can enter (and exit) the region to fulfill tasks, jobs or orders based on the whims of their commanding classes. Players can choose to help the Nali communities, or choose to take what little they have left for themselves, possibly determining the diplomatic stances between other players, depending on how they treat the Nali. Also featuring a story, but not bound to it; your emergency rescue unit receives a distress call that originates from a planet in a twin star solar system known as Gryphon 4-A, from a contact that would be named Dr Ralph Gambon. Ralph, once a strandee, long ago shifted their personal priorities to be among others to look after a joint community of Nali and humans known as 'The Hospital'. However, a mysterious illness is creeping through it.

Ravine of wails

Early sunrise to late morning:

Curving river


WIP Skeletal Skaarj warrior

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Alain Baxter Biomed Foundation, originally pioneered by Nobel Peace prize winner and entrepreneur professor Alain Baxter, aims to one day unilaterally have a solution to any and all medical problems; be it a newly introduced spacefaring bacteria, genetic disability, disease, injury, illness or be it the era old problem of cell ageing. Alain Baxter Biomed Foundation also conducts deep space operations including research, search and rescue, mobile hospitals (medical motherships) as well as colonial establishments.

One such search and rescue unit owned by the Alain Baxter Biomed Foundation is met with a distress call originating from a planet in a twin star system with little navigational data, designated Gryphon #4-A. The caller reveals themselves as an individual named Dr Ralph Gambon, once a medic onboard a ship titled the DCV-STRIDER declared missing a little over 6 Earth years ago. Dr Ralph Gambon proceeds to inform the search and rescue unit that a significant amount of the DCV-STRIDER's crew perished in the crash, while others expired of their wounds in the days and weeks following, noting that the ones left afterwards would become casualties of a highly malevolent, non-native alien presence which controls Gryphon #4-A, known as the Skaarj. The only known survivors of the DCV-STRIDER to Dr Gambon would be his day to day adopted family, his medical apprentice Bruce Childs and senior maintenance engineer Malcolm Stutts. The trio have taken membership in a combined human and Nali community nicknamed 'The Hospital' which resides somewhere deep underground on Gryphon #4-A. 'The Hospital' is a cumulative home to a number of the Nali natives and human strandees avoiding slavery or worse from the almost planetwide dominance of the Skaarjs occupation, but there appears to be an unknown illness creeping through it with currently 4 who have fallen ill.

With vague co-ordinates pointing to an industrial provincial land known as Terra Mining Region and owned by the Skaarj, the search and rescue team are tasked with infiltrating and carefully extracting the sick individuals who consist of both Nali and human patients for assessment and treatment on board their medical mothership. Despite the danger, the search and rescue team are given approval by their governing panel to conduct the rescue mission. What they encounter in the operational area may be more than they are expecting.


Credits/People involved:

Myself : Mapping/modelling/texturing/skinning

Krull0r : Various technical advice + helping me learn how to use Kismet scripting.

.:..: : Author of the Kismet scripting trigger tool

Bleeder91 : Coding

Smirftsch and the 227 team : 227, which this map can't work without

Tera : For coincidently having a very similar name and also for some design suggestions

TLX : 2d Design

Sly : Some concept art

AlternativeProjects : Music

Nivlek : For the original portion of the map from DMTerra

SilverWolf/83R/Buffalo Baggins/Kecko/AlternativeProjects/AlphaScout/Shivaxi : Project Gryphon

Rikia : Some good suggestions.

Batta Transhuman : Good suggestions

Andr0meda/G4lactic : Additional music and being kind enough to allow me to use their computing power to bake textures.

BlumpkinKing : Modelling

Vulpes : AI & playtesting

Ether : Playtesting


Links: https://www.moddb.com/mods/terra-mining-region
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