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UE3 - General Tempus Studio help wanted.

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Bloedwoud, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. Bloedwoud

    Bloedwoud New Member

    Jul 2, 2010
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    Tempus Studio is looking for 1 or 2 coders & a extra mapper too help with a prototype game mode for on UT2k4 & UT3 as a small mod but might be extented if go´s well or & even my do a Custom UDK version of it.

    We might also do some powerups or other things but thats concerns a other matter. only if you feel like it.

    Also i not in search for excample 3d modelers or PR but if you want too help too your free too ask.


    About the game mode i had this in mind :

    Traitor Wars :

    Ultimate Victory : Team must controll all Territories alone.
    Lesser Victory : Get the most points till time is over.

    Players are diveded in 4 teams try too gain & Controll all Territories
    Each Territorie got diffrent resources.
    With resources you can buy better weapons,ammo, armor, upgrades & vehicle´s or defensive deployments, That will be teleported or paradropt too you.

    There also a diplomacy system where you can team up with a other team individually
    So it can happen you are ally with 2 teams but tho´s 2 team could be at war wich each other.

    Having ally´s gives you a good a advantage too gain resources fast, but your Territories
    will be owned by Both teams.
    So its possible you share diffrent territories with diffrent teams.
    But it got big drawback if you betray a ally the shared Territories will be split.

    Spawning can be done on the Territories you own or at ally´s.
    If have no Territories you spawn at team members or ally´s
    If there no team member alive or ally player you can spawn where you want anywhere on the map.

    Too win the game your team must control all Territories alone.
    Or by having the most points.

    You can gain points in several ways.
    1. Kill a enemy gets you 9 points, 5 points if team have´s Territorie, 3 points if got Territorie with ally´s.
    2. Controll a Territorie will gain 80 points a min, 60 points with 1 ally , 40 points with 2 ally´s, 20 Points with 3 ally´s, 10 points with 4 ally´s .
    3. Objective : A indiviual player can get a roundom objective & if wins gains 25 up too 100 points for the team.
    4. Match Achievements : for each Achievement gains 100 up too 1000 points.

    Players in teams can vote how resources get distributed among your own team. Those options are :
    1. Share toghether.
    2. Share at Rank.
    3. Share at Match rank
    4. equal divided
    Option 3 is set on default at start of the game.

    At the start of the game the Host player or Observer can choose too automatic fill Empty player slots with bots. So teams always have the same amout of players.

    Ofcourse this a the thing i want too go too in the end +/-.
    but for the prototype i want too create somthing simular but only with the existing UT content. & look if it works if it does then we might go deeper in it.

    I also goin too Host one of my own servers when the prototype as being released & better verions.
    So that anyone can test it & have fun with it.

    If someone feels too do a suggestion or constructive critism you free too post here.


    If you want too know who we are look at this link http://www.moddb.com/groups/tempus-studio
    You might also want too visit our site TempusStudio/.net/.org (sorry but our own server atm down i need too move it too other location & some other things)

    If you are interested PM me here.;)
  2. brold9999

    brold9999 New Member

    Apr 5, 2009
    Likes Received:
    This description of what you are trying to do is fairly decent, but it may help to attract people if you can give some more details.

    What is the genre? FPS? RTS?

    What maps will it be played on? Will existing maps be reused somehow or will this gametype require custom maps?

    You say this gametype is for for 2k4 & UT3 - are you undecided which to develop for or are you planning to develop for both? If so will the development for each be independent or do you have some scheme to deploy the same code to both a la UT Space Battle?

    Finally, you indicate that you are not looking for modelers et al, only coders and an additional mapper. Is this an indication that you are doing the modelling and some level development, or that these things will not be needed?
  3. Bloedwoud

    Bloedwoud New Member

    Jul 2, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Yeah you definitely right i missed some crucial points in my post, hope this will give the rest of the additional information what people need to know. thx:) sorry if there any bad english becouse its not my native language.

    The genre is FPS
    Look will be SF(Science fiction)

    The maps thats goint too be played on are some modified onslaught/warfare maps for the mods, but i will try to plan & do some Custom Gametype specific map pack too optimized gameplay exp.

    The Gametype will be developed on 2k4 first. & if go´s well i do plan on porting it on UT3.
    That will be almost exactly the same except for Grafics & yes deploying the same or simular code for it.

    Yes we able to do texturing, modeling, maps & sound ect. but Any help is always welcome trough.
    But these things are of Secondary concern atm, since we want a basic prototype with the existing content within UT just to see if the idea is plausible at all.
    But unfortunately our Primary problem is not having a coder trough for UT

    Also about RTS yes this Gametype my be plausible for it as game or mod or on other games . but we not plan to do such a thing. & if anyone like too use this Gametype idea for there rts game thy free to ask.

    If someone feels the need of a compensation for each decent work delivered its debatable.

    Hope this clears all the answers:D

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