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Team Report

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ProAsm, Sep 18, 2004.

  1. ProAsm

    ProAsm Active Member

    Mar 20, 2002
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    Confirmations so far and tested on several servers:

    WebAdmin works 100% exactly the way its meant to run.
    If you are experiencing problems here set bWebAdmin=False but you will now have no control in WebAdmin at all.

    The GamePassword problem that has been reported - these were our findings:

    If you join the game via the UT2004 Server Browser then everything works 100% the way its designed to work.
    You can start a game with a password, logon and delete the password or change it, or start it without a password and add it later, which ever way you decide to do it everything works according to clockwork.
    If you join the server from GameSpy or AllSeeingEye or from UT4Monitor or just a Shortcut on your desktop, then you will run into all sorts of problems with the GamePassword.
    In most cases typing in the correct password still does not help.
    The amount of problems experienced by joining the game in this way was too many and we abandoned the exercise.
    This obviously is a serious bug in UT2004.

    Midgame Escape
    During a normal match the Escape key works fine with bringing up the MidGameMenu.
    During a ClanMatch I see that Escape key has been disabled.
    For that we apologize as it was a slip of the keyboard and will be put back in the next release.

    Eratic Tallyvote Display
    This we have seen happen on the odd server and will be rectified in the next release.


    As you know Epic have removed UT2Vote from the Whitelist (Standard Server) due to:
    1. UT2Vote does NOT alter the core game play mechanics as the HitSounds are NOT Clientside but are Serverside.
    The Client does have the option to use them but if the Admin has disabled them Serverside then the Clients Hitsounds will always be off regardless of his setting.

    2. Disable view shaking events
    This is something that is supplied by Epic themselves.
    If you look in the UT2004.ini file you will see:


    All UT2Vote does is set that to False if the Admin so wishes by setting UT2Votes bNoWeapShake=True
    Removing this is just plain rediculious.

    3. Filesize
    In this day and age... this is friggin rediculious.
    UT2Vote44 is currently 1.2 megs and compresses down to 208k and as most Admin and players download from a re-direct these days 208k on a 56k modem takes 45 seconds
    To date we have never had a complaint about this, in fact currently there have been several posts of the oposite.
    The UT2Vote Team is currently negotiating with Epic regarding getting UT2Vote back on the Whitelist.

    The UT2Vote Team have however agreed on a possible UT2VoteLite which will have most the features removed and will be on similar lines to what UT2VoteSim5 was for UT2003.
    There is no release date for UT2VoteLite at this stage and is currently still in the planning stages.

    The UT2Vote Team
  2. [HT]ÜberByte

    [HT]ÜberByte New Member

    Jul 31, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Please oh please get the normal ut2vote back on the whitelist. I dont care if you have to get rid of hitsounds, brightskins and weaponshake, just get it back on the whiteliost by any means possiable :( And I completly agree, games like ut2004 were not ment for dialup, I mean come on!! You get ******* 400 ping on dialup!!! It is unplayable! And what about custom maps? They are allowed on standard servers, and they can be as big as 40mb!!!!!!!!!!! This is ******* retarded!

    BTW, better not mention custom maps to DrSin, he'll proably blacklist that to.

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