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Summoning Problems

Discussion in 'General Infiltration Discussion' started by Ironword300, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Ironword300

    Ironword300 Member

    Mar 2, 2016
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    All you INF coders have done such a fabulous job that I simply cannot restrict myself to a core set of one-to-one replacements for the Unreal/UT weapons. I have a wider set of various weapons with which I sort of randomly replace the default Unreal implements: with the sole exception of the Automag/Enforcer (which I replace exclusively with the UNhandgunFix Desert Eagle .50AE) and the Biorifle (exclusively replaced by the Benelli M1S90), no UT weapon is restricted to a single Inf arm; for example, I like to replace the Minigun with the MP5/40, PDW, or FN P90, again somewhat randomly just so I get to take all three out for a spin.

    What this means is that when I play Unreal, I use a walkthrough that tells which items are found in which spots. When I come to a spot that looks like it should have an item, I look at the walkthrough and find out which weapon it was. Then I look at my table and kind of randomly choose one of my corresponding Infiltration options, then summon it.

    There is one big problem with this method. I prefer that weapons with attachments should come with said attachments. When replacing the Minigun, for example, I want the laser and suppressor with the MP5. I want the flashlight, RX, and suppressor with the FN-P90. And I can't get that by summons. None of the original core Inf weapons can be summoned as anything other than plain vanilla, or at least I can't find a way to do it. The MP5, P90, and all the rest come into the world naked and unadorned, and there's no way to give them any of their fancy outfits (I'd dearly love to use the Desert Eagle custom finish, for example, but that's not available either).

    I've used Infiltration's UnrealEd to search high and low through INF_Core.u and other packages, and I've tried lots of different codes just on the off chance that something might work, but for the life of me I just can't summon anything from original core Inf but the basic weapons. This has been a major frustration, and any help would be much appreciated. Heck, even knowing that it's impossible and I can stop hoping would at least be closure.

    Other misc summoning issues:

    For the bonuspack 2.9 MicroUzi, I can summon the 30-round magazine, INFMOD_MicroUzi.INF_MicroUziMag_lm, but the HUD refuses to reload with it. So it'll get summoned and I can pick it up, but it's useless weight. This is a real bummer as that little ripper of a gun badly needs the extra 10 rounds.

    I can summon armor and helmet (inf_equip.infe_armorvestl3 and inf_equip.infe_helmet), but they don't work. They just sit there; I can't pick them up, so they're useless.

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