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Store user account info in game

Discussion in 'Programming' started by WalterTamboer, May 26, 2005.

  1. WalterTamboer

    WalterTamboer Programmer

    Mar 16, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Hey there,

    first of all, i'm new to unreal script i know the basics but nothing more than that.

    To increase my knowledge about unreal script, i downloaded the unreal runtime 2.

    I came up with a basic challenge to learn more about unrealscript.


    When starting up the engine you will enter the main menu. You have to login with an user account which is stored in a database on the internet. If logged in you can start a game. In game you can view a rankinglist of all players in the database.

    I thought I could learn a lot from this because i have to make my own menu's and i have to write a relation between the database and the game.

    I made it this far that i can login now (md5 won't work for some reason...). I wrote a PHP file which is handling my input data from unreal script and returns login data.

    Example of the database layout.

    I want to store all this data in unreal now... when i'm playing a game and i press a button i have to get a list of all these columns...

    My question now: where do i have to store the vars containing this info? In the playercontroller? or... where?

    Sorry for the whole story, i thought it would make it much clear :)

    Thnx Walter.

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