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Stargazer Productions

Discussion in 'Games' started by Quinn Mallory, Sep 13, 2000.

  1. Quinn Mallory

    Quinn Mallory New Member

    Sep 13, 2000
    Likes Received:
    This is Quinn Mallory. (Music Artist, runner of several old mods, editor and more)
    I am offering anyone a chance to Join Stargazer Productions. Our site will be up very soon. Here is The Info on Stargazer Productions. For all of our Projects, we will be using the DS9 THE FALLEN Cutscene editor.

    We are a Production group which instead of spending lots of time on 1 project, we will be making a LOT of Smaller Projects. Like the Ds9 Movie (making a Movie of the continuation of DS9) we will be making MINI movies based on already/old TV/movies. For example, we would be making a around 5-30 min Mini-Movie-Trailer of Mission Impossible 3.

    We will be creating sequels to Tv shows and Movies. We are looking for people who are fimilar with UT editing.

    here is what we need.

    1. 2 texture artists

    2. at least 2 level makers.

    3. 2 people to be story makers with me

    4. at Least 3 UT skin editors. That is the main thing.

    5. 1 UT 3do editor

    6. any UT CODDERS. anyone who does cogs for UT.

    7. anything Else UT related.

    Please respond here or e-mail me at BobaF4@aol.com

    and we are having a POLL for our first mini-movie. Our first project will be of a TV show. The point is for comendy/cool movies. Based on OLD ended shows to bring back memories of Childhood.

    Your choices.

    1. Gilligan's Island

    2. Beverly Hill billyies.

    3. Brady Bunch

    4. Wonder Years

    5. X-Files

    6. X-men

    7. Earth 2.

    8. Babayalon 5

    9. Sliders

    10. The V -The Final Battle

    Which one of the above do you guys chose? and if you are interested in joining, please say so. The Staff has the final call. We would be using the EF engine but they are not includeing the cutscene editor.

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