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SpringBoard release

Discussion in 'Unreal' started by Leo(T.C.K.), Jun 6, 2016.

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  1. Leo(T.C.K.)

    Leo(T.C.K.) I did something m0tarded and now I have read only access! :(

    May 14, 2006
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    Made by CodeX with input and testing by me and zeurkous. It took a while to fix everything up but here it is.

    The mesh was originally made for the game The Circle, a cancelled game on the Unreal Engine, so this is from whatever little was rescued(as there was more and some meshes had missing data files etc and the game itself wasn't there).

    It was an RPG game that also had some elements later reused for Unreal when some old ideas failed. For example the concept of Slith started in the Circle as "Mantaur" in 1996. Slith as such is a newer addition to Unreal than many would think.

    Either way, this mesh/thing was called "Bouncer" in the circle and here it is implemented in unreal as a dynamic/placable springboard, also comes with an item you can carry around...
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