Spawning goodies and baddies

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Nov 24, 1999
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Okay, let's say I've got this big room with a sheet brush somewhere in it, which you can walk through. Can I make the level spawn goodies and/or baddies (of my specification) everytime I walk through the brush? If so, how? Does it involve those spawnpoint things?

Also, is it possible to make baddies spawn goodies when they die? I don't seem to remember seeing them do that in the game.

Help, please? Thanx!

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Jul 7, 2000
You're gonna have to read up on the CreatureFactories. This is to get the initial start up of victims.

Obviously you'll want a trigger that activates the CreatureFactory.

If you want it to only spawn 1 creature each time you may want to set the property=>Advanced=>bNoDelete. Following the same theory as repeating breakable glass, it should work. If not, I'll send you a .45 and you can shoot me in the foot with it.

Having baddies spawn goodies when they die is just giving a baddy who's event equals a CreatureFactory.

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Nov 25, 1999
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A factory sounds like the way to go, yes...
put a trigger where the sheet brush is. It will look like the brush is the cause.

I do believe there is a line in a baddie's stats where you can set them to drop something when they die, it's obvious if you read it (can you tell I don't remember offhand what it's called?) /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif