Sound familiar?

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Nicholas 'ProjectX' Udell - UnWheel Maps
Jan 9, 2004
Right behind you.
Ok, so a recent jam-session with muse and The Streets was leaked onto the interwebs (muse are fine with it, so this is all legal). It's been called "London Rap" (I honestly don't know anyone who speaks like this) and I think it sounds quite unbelievably like some of Strangelet's music he did for UnWheel.

What do you think?


New Member
Jul 27, 2008
Huh. The lyrics I could do without (not my taste) but the riffs are kind of cool. It reminds me of the UnWheel music that is played when you first start it up combined with the soundtrack from that map where you're supposedly driving around a track in Colorado or somewhere at a high altitude. I think the song is called "Name of the Game" or something like that.