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UE3 - General Software Developers with Unreal Engine 3 experience needed asap

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by JohnConner, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. JohnConner

    JohnConner New Member

    Feb 19, 2010
    Likes Received:
    I was so happy to find this forum. I have an incredible opportunity for Software Development Engineers that have UE3 experience.

    We are looking to fill up to 8 spots on a team that's working on a new project that will rival the Wii. We are looking for candidates with 4 + years working experience and those qualified would have to re-locate to Seattle.

    Here's the job description:

    Would you like to work on a Natal launch title, built from the ground up in MGS / SpawnPoint Studios? We have a very strong team fresh off AAA titles, starting a new project in a start-up like environment. This is a rare opportunity to work on a team of game industry experts tackling a new challenge.

    We’re looking for specialist developers to help us build our backend server and web features. Experience with Unreal Engine 3, IIS, ASP.Net, C# and SQL is REQUIRED. We prefer candidates who also have C++ experience. Exposure to console development or common gaming solutions strongly preferred, particularly XLSP technology.

    4 + years of development experience is required, including shipping multiple products. A BS or MS in computer science or related discipline is preferred.

    The ideal candidate will be highly flexible and self-motivated, with strong communication skills and a passion for games, able to work effectively with other disciplines and cross-group development partners.

    About our team:

    Natal is among the hottest gaming control system to be put on store shelves.
    This group has built a lot of stuff at E3 (electronic entertainment expo)
    New team - growing from stratch (less than 1 year old)
    Once you are apart of this team you will have an introduction to a lot of FT opportunities
    Very cool team, works well together

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