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Skinning the Steg model

Discussion in 'Original Unreal Tournament' started by evilgrins, Oct 7, 2021.

  1. evilgrins

    evilgrins God of Fudge

    Sep 9, 2011
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    What we have here is a model made by Roger McManus, who made a lot of interesting models which seemed very much like cartoon characters or sports team mascots...
    ...although, more demented types might think this one looks like a dinosaur sex doll.

    So far as it goes, nothing about the model needed fixing... but the default skin wasn't setup correctly.

    The .int file looks right minus 2 significant issues:
    It lists "steg" for every part of the model, which confuses the setup... plus he didn't really need to put a name on each part of the skin, mostly only needed for the 1st part and the face selection.

    If the skin had multiple faces, sure but it didn't. Although the naming of the face can be beneficial for the Talk Texture sometimes.

    The other problem is the .utx file:
    Not all of what is listed in the .int is in the .utx, which is problematic on so many levels.

    The weird thing is though... the default skin works. It shouldn't work, if you did this for nearly any other model it wouldn't work, and yet...

    Regardless, I made 6 extra skins for it.

    I basically took default textures outta UT, bunch of random stuff, and mixed & matched; all with team colors... usually the overall skin but on one I only team colored the back & tail spines along with the claws & talons plus the belly.

    Screenshots of individual skins in the .zip, and before anyone asks... with 1 or 2 rare exceptions, anybody can skin most any model or monster if they know what they're doing.

    You'll need Advanced Model Support to run this.

    Potential Issue: I use these models on bots, but when I choose them for myself the Team Colors work but not completely. Eyes, belly, spines, claws, & talons get a little wonky. So, these skins work better on bots than human players.

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