Single player map questions

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Feb 18, 2000
Astoria, NYC
I've decided to fool around with SP maps.

My questions I've kinda been able to get answered from tutorials and articles, but I need some clarification:

Can I use a creature's AlarmTag to make it notify other creatures in the area that would then come running to help kill the player?

And can you create scripted endings for SP like in Assault, by the same methods?

Thanks in advance -


New Member
Aug 29, 2000
the creature only runs to the alarmtag when he gets an impulse of you, when he sees you, hears you, ...., so to what i know you cannot trigger them to auto run to an point, what i did to get that and seemed to work was, i spawned it, i gave it the thing that it had to patrol, and then put some patrolpoints, and when i triggewred them they spawned and runt to my last patrolpoint where the fights begins

though the patrol point stuff doesnt seem to work always too, you can try to put the monster somewhere else and then trigger a teleporter and then spawn it at position or something, but i dont like that way

dunno how the scripted stuff from AS works but offcourse ytou can make ending sequences, whatever you want, and prolly much more beond of what you see in AS< in AS the caerma hangs still, you can move it in sp, you can put some monsters there that play sounds and really animate and move and stuff, and shoot, col stuff if you can master it :)
check UMS, custom unreal movie script, wich allows for better control of unreal sequences/movies stuff......