Simple Idea for DTAS

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It'll work, just not the right way.
Sep 18, 2005
I'd assume this'd be easy to program, since it'd be just some number variables to change...

The idea:
So I was thinking, gee it'd be fun to play DTAS on something like Peru that was small, but I realize that given the nature of DTAS at the moment it'd pretty much suck.
I mean, a good rush could stop the flag before it's even been placed. And the cap distance would be pretty pathetic for gameplay.

From this spawned a thought.
What about variable placement times and cap distances?

That way some place like Peru could have a smaller cap radius, and a faster placement time. Or a bigger map like MONW could have not necessarily a longer place time but a bigger cap radius...

Ultimately, to have DTAS shape its play type to the size of the map.
It could all be set in the host's .ini file or whatever so he/she could put whatever cap size and place time he/she wanted for whatever map.
Hell, put Peru with a 100m cap radius. Then it'd just be "clean out the enemy forces!" (Kidding)

Anyway. Why not?
Variable cap size/placement time based on the map?
Yay or nay?

Edit: Before you all gripe about Peru, mind you it was just an example.