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Sierra sponsored TC MOD looking for scripters/coders

Discussion in 'Beta Testing/Pimpage' started by Trajan, Jun 16, 2003.

  1. Trajan

    Trajan New Member

    May 4, 2003
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    Hello, I'm a representative for the team making a massive total conversion MOD for the upcoming "Tribes:Vengeance" game by Sierra. The MOD is based on characters and situations from the Starsiege Universe (Starsiege and Tribes), and is officially sponsored by Sierra and planned for inclusion with the release of T:V in Q4 of 2004. The MOD is being developed on the UT2k3 engine (which is the underlying engine being used for T:V) and will be ported over at release. Hence the reason this is posted here.

    The goal of the project is to attempt to marry the combat sim experience of HERCs (aka mechs) and other vehicles from the game Starsiege with the powered armor and first person action of the Tribes games. The MOD will feature campaign play as well as multi.
    Most of our current staff has been involved with MOD projects before and/or worked for game developers in the past. Our lead writer
    is Blake Hutchins, who you may know as the guy that wrote and was heavily involved in the development of both the Starsiege and Tribes Universe for Sierra/Dynamix. Another notable is Xen, who some of you may know for his Mecha designs and work on the "Neo Cairo" and "Orbit Wars" MOD's for the original UT. Most of the rest of our staff (currently numbering 30 people total) are industry veterans.

    Post development, we've already got a bank of 3 Xeon based servers running off DS3 lines lined up to act as Pub servers for the MOD, a planned .pdf "Compendium" for the game, a Flash based TRM site, an automated ladder / league site, expansion packs, and an online comic. We have several aggressive community development projects underway as well.

    We're currently looking for scripters, and a lot of them. Candidates should be well versed in object oriented programming (OOP) routines and MUST have a copy of Unreal Tournament 2003 to develop on. Experience with UnrealEd and UT scripting is a huge plus.

    This is a serious, large scale undertaking by a bunch of gamers who believe in the project and are willing to put in 110%. We are currently working towards our Alpha Technology Release. If you're a scripter and looking for a project to sink your teeth into that offers unique challenges, this is the one. If interested, you may contact me directly by emailing trajan@mechnex.net. Please submit links or examples of any of your work and any qualifications you have when applying.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is not a paying gig. All work being done on the project by everyone is strictly voluntary. The only payoff will be exposure of your work to the gaming industry, resume building, and hopefully that free trip and our own booth at E3 next year. Since the announcement of being picked up by Sierra, a huge news buzz has been generated. If you've ever wanted to break into a job in the gaming industry, this is possibly your vehicle.

    For more info visit these links:
    Main MOD Project Site
    ModDB Project Summary page
    Project FAQ

    Links to the original games the mod will be based on:


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