Serious question

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Feb 19, 2002
Houston Texas
I am wondering what features the people who still come here feel are most important and would most like to see incorporated into a new game. Assume that the use of a generic engine (whatever engine you like) as I would like to avoid those discussions. List your choices in order of preference. e.g. :

iron sights w/o crosshair
Realistic equipment loads
Realistic bullet penetration
Realistic movement speeds
Realistic fatigue
Realistic Settings and maps

feel free to revise your list and include items from other people and reorder them to suit your preferences.

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lol, i aftually think that is serious, so many game projects we hear about here never end up getting released, so i think it may be warranted.

I'd like to see;

Customisable appearance (customisable webbing/vest, head gear, etc.), unique for each loadout, for a very large number of possible equipement configs.

Adjustable vest/webbing, which effects ammo and equipment you can carry. You simply won't spawn with ammo/equip you can't carry in your gear. Ie, if your vest only has M16 ammo pouches and you take an M60, then you can't have any M60 ammo handy for reloading, and you'd only be able to carry spare M60 ammo in a backpack or bum pack (or other large generic bag). Vest/webbing can have a large assortment of pouches attached (for the different sizes of magazines and tools), and all pouches have a very limited capacity. Ammo/equipment that you don't have the correct (or acceptable) pouches for on your vest/webbing automatically goes in your pack (if you have one), and when you use up most of the ammo in your vest/webbin, you must manually take any spare ammo from your pack via a UI window during the match. Picked up ammo goes into your vest/webbing where there's space, or gets dropped on the ground again.

Limit of 1 Primary weapon (rifle, mg, smg, etc.) can be carried at a time, 2 longarms if slings are equipped to both weapons.

Ammo removed from a dropped weapon (if the player cannot carry the weapon), has the emply weapon dropped back on the ground, the magazine visibly removed.

Pregame loadouts

Saved loadouts (with a very large maxuimum number of saved loadouts)


Don't hate me because I'm pretty
Feb 19, 2002
Houston Texas
I do really like the idea of doing things like a fighter plane i.e. the use of hard points. That is to say you can sling things in certain ways and are limited to the attachment points you have; pockets, pouches, holsters, etc. Webgear is chosen based on your initial loadout or you can pick special gear.

I am not in favor of creating artificial limits on weapon numbers and types. In a realistic game carrying too many weapons will produce it's own problems such as noise, encumbrance and the speed to get to the weapon, ammo and other equipment.

I also don't like the 'all your equipment spills out on the ground' system. If you want something other than someones primary weapon you need to roll him for it, with the appropriate time that takes. There are reasons these things are not done IRL

All that being said, the thread was created not for the purpose of talking about what features we'd like to see but what features are most important. That is to say, if you were designing a game and could add features one at a time and at some point someone would say "That's it, that's all the features you get" what would those features be and in what order.
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Jun 7, 2001
Not that I play INF too much these days (though I do enjoy offline play from time to time), my order would be:
1. Realistic movement speeds (and movement features: prone, leaning, sprint, and basic mantling being a minimum)
2. iron sights w/o crosshair
3. Realistic Settings and maps
4. Decent bot support!
5. Realistic bullet penetration
6. Realistic equipment loads
7. Freeaim
8. Realistic fatigue

As far as movement goes, I would be more than willing to give up jumping altogether if the mantling/climb capability was adequately implemented.


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Nov 12, 2003
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1- Freeaim (i think it goes naturally with a noCrosshair option)
2- Realistic ballistic (bullet penetration is a plus)
3- Realistic movement (ala Raven Shield, NOT ARMA)
4- A good gameplay
5- Cooperative squad play FORCED ON. (if one team member go alone without orders to do so, he is automatically kicked ^^)
Apr 21, 2003
There is no good gameplay, there is only good game players. Even Infiltration is only as much fun, as the players are fun to play with. A good and realistic tactical game can only support it, just like how Rainbow Six is more fun than Counter Strike (for us).


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Nov 12, 2003
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To me, a good gameplay consist in 3 things :

#TeamWork ,depending on players of course, AND on some gameplay elements that would force players to focus on teamplay as:
-A long respawn timer, like 60 sec.
-Abiltity to heal other players, drag them if wounded, give ammo, etc..
-Features that need coordination of players in order to be achieved. As in Darkest Hour you need to be near your radioman to call arty. In Insurgency you need to be at least 2 or 3 players to capture an objective. In arma you need one guy to laser on a target and the other call arty or airstrike, etc etc...

#Level Design is of course a main element of a good gameplay. No spawnKill, good balance, good tactics depend on level design..

#Game features. (realistic weapon behaviour, freeaim, etc, as stated above)


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A release date.

I feel your pain.

Moving on, hello Meowcat!

And now, this: UDK True First Person + Freeaim

Freeaim: CHECK
Iron Sights (w/o crosshair): CHECK
Realistic Movement Speeds: CHECK
Prone: CHECK
Sprint: CHECK
Mantling: TO-DO
Realistic Weapon Behaviour: IN-PROGRESS

In truth, everything is in-progress.
Its a test of things for INS:AOR.

Other stuff that has already been tried:
Weapon Collision & Bracing
Cover System/Wall Hugging/Lowering Profile
Blind Firing
Smooth Stances
Visible Inventory (Mags, Weapons etc)

On top of that, it uses a True First Person viewpoint.

Unfortunately, no release date (sorry StevenGarcia).
But at least I can say you are not alone and there is a glimmer of hope... that and I felt like showing off.
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