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seeking 2d/3d artists

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by vgadjo, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. vgadjo

    vgadjo New Member

    Apr 23, 2006
    Likes Received:
    name: Picturiz, drawn to be alive (working title)
    mod: ut 2k4
    type: adventure/stealth
    profile: 2d/3d artists (3ds max or maya)


    I am a student in 2nd year at Supinfogame, a french game design school. I work with five other students on an ut 2k4 mod. We really began the production in January. The fact that it is a student project does not prevent us from lookinf for some help in order to conclude the prototype.

    The player will have the control of a character made of paper, extracted from a picture by an incredible magic Ink. This Ink was created by a professor who sells the paper creatures at a very high price. The character was about to be destroyed when he suddenly awakes. This is where the game begins.

    Our little paper boy is lost into this world. His goal is to find out how he got out of his own pictural world and how to get back into it. But he's small, fragile and he doesn't know yet, very expensive. He will have to be very discrete and careful. His physical condition is an advantage for that but also and inconvenient. He's able to hide behind furnitures, into drawings, slip under doors but the fire, the water and the wind and even worse the human beings will be his greatest threats.

    We have 3 levels, the first one is almost finished, second is currently being produced. The 3rd and last one is a villa in which the professor organizes a 'festival of the animated characters'. There are several characters (invited, domestic, etc). There are also many statics meshs of furniture such as tables, beds, chairs, etc.

    A few words about the universe, we located the action in a 20 years interval between the Fifties and Seventies. There are thus many colors and curve forms. About the look, we try to have something realistic but not photorealistic.

    We currently seek 2D/3D artists in order to help us to finish the mod. There are still statics meshs to model and texture as well as characters. You need to know modeling, UV unwrapping and of course texturing (photoshop for instance).

    Lastly, here some screenshots taken at the end of March:


    Finally if you recognize yourself in this profile and you have time to spend on a serious project which will be to evaluate by video game professionals in two months, do not hesitate to contact me (PM).

    See you soon.


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