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Rumors of security hole false. (morpheus)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Wikkan, Feb 15, 2002.

  1. Wikkan

    Wikkan Dickhead Fulfilled!

    Feb 15, 2001
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    Right off the Morpheus start page.

    "Several stories have been printed, leading with a story that was printed in the BBC Online, reporting a security leak in Morpheus. The report is not true - The report of a security hole in Morpheus is FALSE.


    · The report was allegedly made by an “anonymous” security consultant. Neither this consultant nor any others have contacted StreamCast directly to report a breach in security.

    · Several false postings have been made on behalf of StreamCast and Morpheus. One was reported by a source named Paul Sarsfield, who claimed to be a “Morpheus” employee. StreamCast does not employ any person by that name, nor have any StreamCast employees or company representatives posted any responses to this matter.

    · There has never been a security breach in Morpheus since its introduction in April 2001.


    · Only Morpheus users are able to elect which files they want to share with the user network. To share files, Morpheus users must select a file folder which contains the files they want to share and check the box next to that file folder.

    · StreamCast recommends that users place the files that they elect to share in their “My Shared Folder” within the Morpheus product. This ensures that the user doesn’t inadvertently share something private.

    · All files in shared folders are accessible by any other Morpheus users. StreamCast reminds its’ users to be sure they are not sharing files they want to keep private or files that are copyrighted.

    StreamCast Networks takes claims of this nature very seriously. Morpheus provides the best user experience available due to its ease of use, rapid download capabilities and persistent data. StreamCast is very committed to providing this technology product to consumers to give them a way to communicate and share information directly. Consumers agree - Morpheus has been downloaded over 60 million times in just 10 months."
  2. das_ben

    das_ben Concerned.

    Feb 11, 2000
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    was posted before by donn :)

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