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UE3 - UDK [Royalty] Saber Rider - looking for additional UnrealScript programmer

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Crusha K. Rool, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. Crusha K. Rool

    Crusha K. Rool Coding Crocodile

    Sep 27, 2011
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    Hello everyone,

    we are currently looking for an additional UnrealScript programmer to support us in the development of a game based on the Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs series.

    At the moment is our focus on the production of a proof-of-concept demo for interested publishers that consists of three levels. During this production are we going for a royalty model, but compensation is negotiable and will be paid once the project got funded.

    While currently being a UDK project only, we target a release for consoles with a full UE3 license later on.

    Thus far the development is progressing nicely and we got the core gameplay for the demo implemented.

    We are now looking for 1 additional UnrealScript coder to reinforce the team.

    Your profile:
    • Strong background in UnrealScript or another object-oriented language.
    • Firm knowledge of the perks of UE3 development.
    • Understanding of network replication in UnrealScript.
    • Able to work with a team of artists and other coders.
    • Able to commit time to the project and to keep regular contact (preferably via Skype).
    • Previous knowledge with full UE3 license code work and/or shipping title experience are a great plus.

    Information on the game:

    The game is an arcade-style "on rails" shooter based upon an animated television space western called "Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs".
    It premiered in the United States in 1987 and had a run of 52 episodes and still has a huge fan base.
    We purchased the license for the game under the premise "by fans for fans".

    Gameplay-wise it will be a mix between the Sin and Punishment series and Starfox 64.
    The game's soundtrack is going to be made by Chris Huelsbeck based upon the original soundtrack by Dale Schacker.
    It will also feature all the original voice actors in English (i.e. Peter Cullen) and German (i.e. Christian Tramitz).


    In the distant future humans have spread beyond Earth and colonized planets across the universe, creating a New Frontier of man. In order to protect these new settlers and maintain laws and regulations in the New Frontier, Earth's Cavalry Command was created.
    Cavalry Command is a military organization, maintaining an army and fleet of ships to protect the New Frontier.
    Within Cavalry Command is a unit of special operatives known as Star Sheriffs that function as field agents, investigating crimes and plots against the security of the New Frontier.

    The main foe of Cavalry Command and the Star Sheriffs is a race of non-human creatures known as Vapor Beings (also called "Outriders")
    that jumped into our dimension in order to conquer it.
    They attack the settlers, destroy settlements, and kidnap humans, in order to mine various metals or crystals from the soil.

    Outriders are superior to humans in battle technology. They control a legion of gigantic robots with weapons greatly superior to the weapons and defenses of the space-going fleets of Cavalry Command.
    In response to the threat, Cavalry Command developed a prototype ship known as the "Ramrod Equalizer Unit" or just "Ramrod" that has the ability to turn from a spaceship into a powerful robot that can fight the Outriders on equal terms.

    The team:

    We are currently a fairly small team and have been working on this project for about a year now.
    Each of us is working in the games industry or is experienced in game development.
    In order to bring our project to an success we would therefore quite appreciate the assistance you could provide, especially since everybody of us is fulfilling multiple roles in this group.

    At the time of this posting, we have ~10 members on the project, most of them being modelers. I am the only coder (among other things) right now, which is why we are looking for reinforcements.

    Project Management:

    The project is currently being managed via Skype and e-mail.
    We also use an internal forum with an integrated chat.
    SVN is used for development and Redmine for detailed project management with task and bug tracker. DropBox comes in handy for exchanging minor temporary files quickly.

    If you need more information about the project or the series, don't hesitate to contact us.

    Skype: fire-wsp
    E-mail: saberrider@firehazard-studio.com
    or send me a PM here.



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