Rocketeers issue and pistol glitch

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Feb 6, 2010
Hello there , its my first post, i play DA 2 (obviously)

i found some bugs when playing as a rocketeers :

When i fire some rockets , then reload, and if i just change to another weapon while reloading the rocket (note that animation isnt complete donE)
i cant fire my Smg (submachine gun)
even if i try to re-reload my SMG or rocket ...i have to die to fire anything again

and sometimes the rocket glitch itself and also cant fire

now the pistol glitch :

many people may now this

when you decap a monster with pistol , the head stay still attached to the corpse , it only makes the sound of decap , and you have to wait until the monster dies , well its not a major bug, the monster still dies , but i assume that it confuses me and many people forcing us to use more ammo .

thanks i help you guys fix this.



Forgot to say , that wasnt i couldnt shoot , i could even do the firing animation . but monsters dont die and my ammo doesnt decrease , some times i can fire a rocket but dont fire my gun , or even cant fire both , but can throw a grenade.

to finish this , the last bug
sometimes the gun dont reload, or cant pick ammo from the boxes , i guess this is because of that non-firing guns with animations

i had many situations where i couldnt throw or fire anything. yea now im done with these bugs
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