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Revision 2 Space Marine fixed for UT2k4!!!

Discussion in 'General and Off Topic' started by arcath, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. arcath

    arcath New Member

    Mar 23, 2004
    Likes Received:
    go into your UT2k4 System folder.

    1) Look for the ut40k_BloodAngels.upl file. Open this file with notepad.

    2) Now we basicly got to add the following. Skeleton=Package.Model at the end of each skin version.

    i.e. Player=(DefaultName="TacticalSergeant_BloodAngel",Mesh=UT40K_SMarines.TacS,species=xGame.SPECIES_Jugg,BodySkin=ut40k_skins.ba_tacShedlegs,FaceSkin=ut40k_skins.ba_tacbodarms,Portrait=UT40K_skins.ba_tacSbio,Text=XPlayers.sm_ba,Sex=Male,Menu="SP",Tactics=+0.2,Ragdoll=Tac6,Skeleton=UT40K_SMarines.TacS)

    now on each version in that .upl file, you need to make the skeleton entry corespond with the mesh file. (i.e. sarge,mk7,mk6,assult marine each have their own entries that will be slightly different because of the different mesh names.)

    save the upl file. close file. play UT2k4

    now when you get killed with the link gun, fall in lava or anything else that needs the skeleton, the game wont crash. but because the model doesnt have a skeleton, you wont leave one, but you will leave a white skinless model.

    Now this is one error i can live with, but at least this isnt causing the game to crash.

    if anyone can help me fix this white skinless model as a skeleton bug, please let me know. =)


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