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UT3 Released: Battle Team/Freezetag Arena V5, now configurable

Discussion in 'Content Releases' started by BattleMode, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. BattleMode

    BattleMode UT3 Mod maker

    Mar 13, 2008
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    Battle Team Arena (BTA) and Battle Freezetag Arena (BFA) are game types where only the most skilled players will win the match. You not only have to kill, you also have to survive to win this.

    With Battle Team Arena you can die only once. Once all members of a team are eliminated the other team gets a point and wins the round. Then a new round starts. You have to win a configurable number of rounds to win the game.

    With Battle Freezetag Arena instead of getting killed you can get frozen. Once all members of a team are frozen or dead the other team gets a point and wins the round.

    New in V5:
    * Created 2 in game setting dialogs (F12) for players and admins
    * Added configurable hit sounds (32 options)
    * Added configurable skins for frozen players (4 options)
    * Added configurable skins for regular players (glowing, bright, liquid), also depends on UT3 settings
    * Messages and sounds for various game events (e.g. thawing and getting back in the game)
    * Between rounds you can now spec players from the other team and see their health in the HUD
    * Added settings for admins (with a nice in game dialog), most settings work immediately

    Download: http://bigbattleservers.com/ut3mods.php (includes instructions and full GPL V3 sourcecode).

    New in game player settings dialog (admin button only for admins):

    New in game admin settings dialog (most settings work immediately):

    Detailed statistics:

    Overview (freezetag):

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