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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Madharia, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. Madharia

    Madharia New Member

    Jun 21, 2004
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    Where can I find the mac readme for SA? It's not included in the download file, and I can't install it without it or your help.
  2. livingtarget

    livingtarget BulletCatcher

    Mar 15, 2002
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    hmm, i did put one in. Maybe stuffit from windows to mac isn't that great.

    Here it is:
    Readme v0.2 MAC version:
    Credits go to ATB - STRiD3R for providing us the details to work with on a MAC!


    How to install/play SA v0.2 on a MAC :

    Extract the stuff-it file to X\UnrealTournament\. Where X is the folder you installed UnrealTournament in! If you don't have stuff-it (a compressing utility) then download it from http://www.stuffit.com/mac/index.html
    Make sure everything is in the right folders.

    Check if SaGame.u is inside X\UnrealTournament\System\, if it is there then go to "Starting SilentAssassins" below.
    If it isn't where it's supposed to be then check where it was extracted to. Then move the files manually according to this:
    .unr files go in X\UnrealTournament\Maps\
    .utx files go in X\UnrealTournament\Textures\
    .umx files go in X\UnrealTournament\Music\
    .uax files go in X\UnrealTournament\Sounds\
    Everything else goes in X\UnrealTournament\System\

    Starting Silentassassins:
    Run the launcher, it should be located in X\UnrealTournament\System and is called "Silent Assassins Launcher.App"
    The launcher is basicly an applescript (see: About MAC launcher.txt)

    Make sure to assign keys to the new controls:
    ignite flare
    stealth mode
    objective menu


    Mission system
    Linkeable maps
    Load and Save game
    Better AI

    0.2RC1 should be near bug free, report any bugs to rene_kok@hotmail or check our site and head
    to the forums: http://sa.beyondunreal.com/


    Planned improvements for 0.3:
    Get started on the maps
    Upgrade conversation code even more
    Finish weapon code for current weapons
    Improve the AI's behaviour


    Improvements from 0.1 to 0.2:
    Mission objectives code redone from scratch
    SilentAssassins online mutator code fixed
    Cutscenes and conversation code added
    New overhauled weapon effects
    Loads of painstaking bugs removed, lost count in the progress


    Known issues:
    -Enforcer has been known to have a couple of small bugs left
    -Grenades can be thrown too quickly after eachother
    -Maps are not finished
    -Old line bugs with the translator window
    -Preffered resolution is 800x600


    -----S.A. staff-----
    Story: Eightball Maniac
    Concept: Spencer Jarvis
    Level designer: Hazel
    Level designer: Shortcutman
    Project Lead, Lead coder: René kok
    Models: Azm0
    MAC techy: ATB - STRiD3R

    Special Thanks to these individual people for providing their work:
    Tree Models: Bjørn (Cyber Emperor) Stenfeldt
    Tree Textures: Bo (Lord Selmer) Selmer Hansen
    Wallpaper: Ahmed Gharraph

    Thanks to Liquid Element for providing several textures from spatial fear TC
  3. livingtarget

    livingtarget BulletCatcher

    Mar 15, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Also i am working with someone who can probably get some 'real' launchers. If it's not working with the launcher:
    1. SA is compatible with UT, just run UT and pick the gametype from there
    2. There were a few people who had trouble with the included INI, if you think this might be a problem follow this to get it working (the more difficult way):

    1# Go inside the system folder.
    2# create a silentassassins.ini, usually you can copy this from your
    unrealtournament.ini and rename it as silentassassins.ini . This is where
    all the setting are kept. Look for the section starting with this line:
    Underneath should be the line "Console=UTMenu.UTConsole", change it to
    3# There should be a sauser.ini inside the .exe, if not do the same you did
    with the silentassassins.ini but instead use the user.ini file.
    4# After that try and launch unrealtournament.exe or unrealtournament.mac or
    whatever the mac extension is. On a pc the launcher would launch it with a
    command line, which is "C:\UnrealTournament\System\UnrealTournament.exe
    sacredits.unr Ini=SilentAssassins.ini Userini=SaUser.ini Log=SaLog.log"
    Basicly try and run unrealtournament with these commands (" sacredits.unr
    Ini=SilentAssassins.ini Userini=SaUser.ini Log=SaLog.log"). Then it should
    work the way it's supposed to. With the special menu and all.

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