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Re: ignorence

Discussion in 'General Infiltration Discussion' started by Morag, Jul 29, 1999.

  1. Morag

    Morag Guest

    Seriously if whoever out there cant put something into a constuctive manner do not say it. Put yourself in their position. You have spent months and months on a mod that you think is really really cool. Since a lot of people say our current sniper rifle sucks; I myself like it, so you decide to change it then you get the e-mail saying whatever it did. If I myself if i had spent months on a mod and got an e-mail like that. That would really anger me and just because of that I would consider not releaseing the new sniper rifle thus ruining it for everyone. If you put in the e-mail are you sure that the robar .50 rifle or whatever it is exsists then im sure warren would have been perfectly happy to point you to the site. So in the end say things nicely and you'll get the same ansewer as if you said them in an unconstructive way, except when you say it unconstuctivly you get people mad like me and Warren

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