Rate the Last Movie You Watched

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Nov 5, 2003
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Since it looks like the original thread has disappeared:

Someone asked me before the crash whether I saw the theatrical or uncut version of Die Hard 4.0:

It was the uncut version but it was still pretty much what I expected to see. 6.5/10

I Am Legend-8/10. I'm rating this highly not because it is the best futuristic story told on film or because it is "Omega Man" on steroids but because, in my opinion, this is one of the best performances I have seen Will Smith deliver.

I haven't seen all his films and I thought he was pretty damn good in "Ali" but this is a damn fine performance.


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Dec 26, 2000
Good Will Hunting - 10/10

I watched this movie for the first time the other night and I have to say I completely enjoyed it. The acting, the story, all of it was highly entertaining. Damon, and Affleck did a wonderful job penning this script and the depth of emotions was just fantastic.


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Feb 16, 2004
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Cloverfield 9/10
What I was expecting. the monster was ruined because my curiosity got the best of me and I saw some concept art made, but the movie still kicked ass.


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Jul 17, 2005
Where least expected


I just wish it didn't end in a cliffhanger!

Snakes on a Plane


I actually found this quite hilarious. Watch it with a group and it becomes really funny.

Cpt.Toilet nice colored name ;). Was that from the RO me thread?

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Jul 28, 2001
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Cloverfield 9/10

Anybody see where the monster came from at the end?

If you're talking about the thing falling out of the sky, that's not the monster. JJ Abrams has said that the monster has been at the bottom of the ocean for thousands of years, only to be awakened (possibly by falling object at end) and go on a temper tantrum rampage (JJ has also confirmed that the monster is a baby, dunno how that works considering the previous statement about it being asleep for thousands of years but whatever...) People on imdb forums speak of the falling object being a piece of a satellite falling from space. Who knows.

On to the reviews!

Cloverfield - 7/10

It was soooo hyped and I don't think it quite lived up to that hype. The characters didn't really grow on me much, and though it contained plenty of scenes of panic, I didn't really feel the adrenaline pumping through me as much as I had hoped. On a side note, a 9/10 is almost a perfect masterpiece in every aspect that very few movies are actually deserving of, I think Cloverfield was more of a fun popcorn flick.

Bully - 7/10

This was a unique one. It was borderline porno with all of the sex and nudity going on! At some points it was so bad that it was good, but overall it was very enjoyable throughout


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Apr 5, 2002
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I am Legend - 7/10

It started out great, kind of reminded me of STALKER in a sense, but then it become too small in scale
Crazy alpha zombie having a vendetta against Neville for capturing his girlfriend/mate.
and went on to have an average ending.

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Mar 23, 2000
That would not make much sense because if it was dormant or whatever then you'd have to believe that the parasites on it were dormant as well.

For me, Cloverfield is a 9 because it achieved what it tried to do, which is basically portray a scenario in a manner which makes it seem very real. Of course it is not a real scenario, but without all the stereotypical trappings of a "movie" (ie - narration, climax, story structure, etc) then it becomes hard to be critical about something that seems so real. You can't really judge reality and give it a rating, so I figure that based on the realistic effects, the clever method of introducing the protagonists and moving the story along, I'd give it a 9.


Jun 17, 2001
Cape Suzette
Cloverfield - 9/10

I was worried about two things, how they were going to justify someone carrying a camera around through that kind of catastrophe, and whether or not the shaky cam was going to be distracting ala Bourne. I think they did a good job on both counts, and the movie had me freaked out a few times, like...
When they decided to leave the tunnel maintenance area, and were creeping through the deserted hallways.
Cloverfield - 7/10

Certainly a refreshing take on the whole monster movie concept. I liked the approach; the POV of camera wielding onlookers who never truly know the whole story on what the hell is going on and simply get caught up in the crisis. I also enjoyed the subtle social commentary in a lot of the scenes, like an early moment where a tossed head of the Statue Of Liberty comes to rest in the middle of a street and a bunch of people huddle around it, shoving past each other with their cellphones open, taking pictures. So true.

What didn't work for me was that I didn't care about any of the main characters. They were dull, boring people who I wouldn't waste time hanging out with in real life. That didn't really make the situation nearly as tense as it should have been and instead of thinking "oh run oh run" through most of the shaky cam panic, I was thinking "geez hold the camera straight!". It's hard not to think of the Blair Witch Project, a film that didn't nearly have any of the payoff this one did but at least had a tense build-up along the way with people I could watch muck around in the woods for an hour and half.

The real problem for me was:

The film seemed to betray its own goal of giving the audience a no bull****, realistic viewpoint by making the strange decision to give us characters who said things any other bland commercial Hollywood disaster movie would say. When the guy finally finds his love interest holed up in a damaged building, she smiles when she sees him and says, "I'd knew you'd come for me", and he says something like "I've always loved you" or something like that and the entire audience said, "give me a ****in' break!". This movie deserved better protagonists, and it was really distracting to have to put up with them for the whole ride. I also felt the intro went on a little too long. Too much unnecessary character establishment on boring characters who didn't need that much establishment.

Oh and another thing. Enough with the night vision scenes, okay? I've seen the same setup in too many movies lately. We get it, it's the same thing each time. They turn on the nightvision and omg there's a monster closer to the people then we thought there was. It's not scary anymore. Hell it wasn't scary the last twelve times. The last time it WAS scary was in Silence of the Lambs.

Otherwise it's good fun and forces the audience to make their own assumptions about the...whatever the hell it was.
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Jan 20, 2008
@ Iron Archer,cool ava.:tup:

Silent Hill - Well,I do really love this movie,I don't really played the games,but the movie is just incredible,the story is fascinating,the atmosphere is awesome,nah what the hell I'm talking there,the movie is bad ass great,9.3/10 (93%).:)

Godzilla vs.Mecha-Godzilla
- I don't must say much about this movie,because when I was a young boy I loved Godzilla and I still love the movies.Godzilla FTW,9.5/10 (95%).However,the first movies of Godzilla were good,but Godzilla looked not very good,but in the last movies he look awesome,nah he's cool.:)