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Discussion in 'Mod/Mutator Ideas' started by Rompa125, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. Rompa125

    Rompa125 New Member

    Dec 17, 2005
    Likes Received:

    Now this thread is to suggest a few mods for UT as you would have already guessed

    Now onto the mods!

    Note:You will have to play Aliens vs Predator 1 and/or 2 and seen the predator and avp movies to understand what the weapons/thermal/other looks like and get to it!

    Weapon Mod:
    Plasmacaster: replaces the shockrifle, looks like the predator plasmacaster (surprise surprise, dont get the plasmacaster mixed up with the computer on the predator's arm!) the weapon is in the top right corner of the screen, same damage as shockrifle. Primary Fire:A plasma bolt (duh), looks like the Unreal 1 asmd secondry fire (the plasma bolt i mean, not the weapon) but 1.5 times as fast, the sound is the sound of the plasmacaster in the movies (predator/2 and Aliens vs Predator) Secondry Fire: Turns you invisible (To make it more predator like) being invisible drains 2 ammo per second and bots/players cant see you! (if the modder gets it right and stops the bots having some godlike super vision)
    Ammo slowly recharges (1 ammo every 3 seconds, unless in invisible mode)

    Wristblades: replaces impacthammer/translocator same damage as impact hammer primary fire:Secondry fire of wristblades in Aliens vs Predator 2 (the game) Secondry Fire:primary fire of wristblades in AVP2 (game)

    Self Destruct: Replaces Redeemer, but no ammo for it and you start with it. looks like the computer on the predators arm
    Primary fire: a predator finger/hand pops outa the side of the screen, presses 3 or so buttons and a 5 second count down begins, when the timer reaches 0 the player explodes and loses a frag (since he suicided) but will most likely win more than he/she loses as the explosion will look just like the redeemer explosion but 1.5 times bigger

    More weapons if you go buy Avp1/2 (the games) and look at the diferent predator weapons! (netgun,mines,combistick)

    Hunter mod:Yes i know what your thinking, god damnit another hunter mod:mad: , but this is no ordinary hunter mod

    One player is randomly chosen to be the predator, the predator is invisble, its weapons are all the predator weapons, it recieves thermal and tech vision (more later), imense strength,speed and health
    When the predator kills a player it must collect its head by hitting it with a melee weapon, the predator will recieve one frag for this

    but theres a twist to it, one other player is the Alien, the alien recieves claws as its only weapon, can crawl on walls, get imense strength and health, and unmatchable speed, the predator must kill this character to recieve 10 frags for collecting its head.
    The alien can also get frags

    Thermal/Tech mode: Thermal vision is obvious; everything is a bluish black colour except for enemy's, they are coloured *see predator1/2*
    Now tech vision: Tech vision is to see pickups and robots; war machines, xan, xan mk2 , and the warboss.
    *see electromagnetic vision in AVP2 game for the colours of background and look at an alien character to see the colour of it to use for robots/pickups*

    Hope you liked my idea, its a bit long but if you suceed in making it i would like you to send me it at:


    constructive criticism is...ok... AS LONG AS YOU DONT SWEAR!!!

    have a good xmas ;) and goodnight

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