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UE2 - UT2kX Pre-Caching, how it works. Implementing custom precaching.

Discussion in 'Programming' started by ROSoldier, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. ROSoldier

    ROSoldier New Member

    Feb 1, 2015
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    Hello all.

    I have some basic Pre-Caching questions and I hope some of you might know the answers to them.

    1) I know that precaching is used to Exclusively to "store" Resources in RAM memory, in order to decrease loading time.
    Does that mean that Pre-Caching only reduces loading time, or It may also "speed up" the game during play?
    EXAMPLE: Lets say we have two vehicles, or some other objects (doesn't really matter) that are going to spawn during play. Each vehicle has one texture (skin).
    1st vehicle has its Material for its skin Pre-Cached.
    2nd vehicle is Dynamically Loading the Material for its skin.
    Question: Will it take longer to load and apply Vehicle 2's Material?

    2) In vanilla scenario, is the precaching only done before and/or level loading?
    Can the Precaching be initialized (manually done by custom code) done during actual play?
    Is there any use of precaching during game?
    Is any precaching used/done on the server at all ?

    3)I know that server packages are added during "level load". Lets say I add a texture package as a ServerPackage. Will I gain anything if I also pre-cache that server package?

    4) Is Pre-cached content interpreted by hardware differently than content that is Dynamically loaded?
    Wiki says: "pre-caching will load the data into the video memory..."

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