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Plutonic Released CTF-Unearthed_SE

Discussion in 'News & Articles' started by RaptoR, Jul 12, 2003.

  1. RaptoR

    RaptoR been here far too long

    May 7, 2000
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    Acclaimed Unreal mapper Chris 'Plutonic' Blundell sent along this announcement about a new version of CTF-Unearthed that has been released for the Make Something Unreal contest.Announcing the release of Special Edition of CTF-Unearthed for the Make Something Unreal contest.
    CTF-Unearthed_SE has been created to address a number of issues in the original version of the map. The changes are subtle for the most part, though in my opinion significant and warranted under the circumstances. Here is the 'change log':
    Gameplay improvements/changes:
    - added a sniper rifle
    - moved the flak cannons so that they are more accessible
    - added two shield chargers (I'll let you find them)
    Level design changes:
    - added detail textures to all textures in the PlutonicUnearthedT_MSUC.utx package
    - all textures in the PlutonicUnearthedT_MSUC.utx package now have material detail settings
    - reworked the textures on the terrain to remove repetition
    - updated collision for all SMs in the PlutonicUnearthed_MSUC.usx package
    - created and added my own wrecked car SM (lower polygon count than the previous one)
    - added blocking volumes to sections where the player can get 'snagged'
    - construction cones are now karma objects and will move if you have physics detail set to high
    - made lighting a little darker (on my machine)
    - set EAX effects for ZoneInfo actors (for those people with EAX compliant sound cards)
    - added more ambient sounds and tweaked sound levels in map
    - used emitters to give the sky a glare when looking up
    - added jumpspots for the bots
    - tweaked bot pathing
    - light map rendered in DXT1 format
    More information, screenshots and download lines are available at http://www.plutonicdesign.com/ .
  2. atticbat

    atticbat FragBait

    Aug 23, 1999
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    mmmmMMmmMMmm Plutonic Maps

    Fricking A!!! Was just having a discussion about 'fave mappers' from back in the day...

    I was torn between Clawfist, Remorseless, Bad Karma and Plutonic. So cool to see his name on the front page of BU!


    Luvs youze guys.


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