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Please do this..

Discussion in 'General Infiltration Discussion' started by Warren, Oct 31, 1999.

  1. Warren

    Warren Guest

    Please review our Roadmap-- we'll be including the ability to lie in the prone position, with any weapon. We'll also look into making it so when you press the forward button twice quickly (or in my case, pressing the mousewheel) instead of jumping forward, you dive forward into the prone position.. this is just an idea of course, but anyway, yes we will be including this feature.
  2. Omega(SW)C

    Omega(SW)C Guest

    ok man thanks! i really need to read that dam road map huh? lol anyways thanks for replying. so how long about will it take t get all this shit done? man all the weaps and skinning then ect.. oh man i think that that new desert eagle is awsome. could they possibly keep the slide plate that gold color and make the frame mechanism a grayish color? i think that that gold color looks killler! also man if you have ever played tombraider3 that deseret eagle i thnk looks the best of all the desert eagls. but anyways hope you reply within 2 minutes.hehe

    Leader of the Steel Wolf Clan,Omega(SW)C. 0ut...
  3. Omega(SW)C

    Omega(SW)C Guest

    Hey creators of infl, I got a cool idea . My idea is that some way you make it possible for you to lay down and fire the sniper rifle just like a real person would. Well I am just suggesting that you could maybe try it.

    Leader of the Steel Wolf Clan,Omega(SW)C. 0ut...
  4. Billdog

    Billdog Guest

    I think we got a brother among us /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    A gold weapon skin? In a military mod?
  6. Omega(SW)C

    Omega(SW)C Guest

    Neo man i know that the gold would show up easily but still it looks very very friking kick @ss.I did that cuase I dont know if you can cus your head off in this infl forum.
  7. Omega(SW)C

    Omega(SW)C Guest

    All of you in favore of the gold stock slideplate say (i am with Omega!) all that are not with me dont reply.lol Hey billdog why did you say( i thnk we have a brother among us)?
  8. Warren

    Warren Guest

    The gold plating is specially made. We may have different skins like that for terrorists, but we'll see.
  9. Omega(SW)C

    Omega(SW)C Guest

    so warren u might have the gold slide plate in the de and also make another color for the terroirist classes?
  10. Warren

    Warren Guest

    Gold and other precious metal plating is specially ordered for a LOT more money than the gun is worth. If you had some leader of a country or terrorist group, they may spend the money on something like that, but usually they're in kind of a weapon black color. I may throw in a special skin for some weapons if we have special game modes-- for instance, if we had any special arena game modes, we can have Desert Eagles with different kinds of skins. It's an idea, but not on the front of our list of things to do. To add those special skins to our normal weapons loadout, would mean charging more money for the handgun just for it to look pretty.. not really worth the extra coding effort at this point. Maybe towards the very end if we feel we can hold off the release of 3.0 for certain kinds of eye candy.. To summarize, don't hold your breath /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif
  11. Omega(SW)C

    Omega(SW)C Guest

    lol, warren i new what u meant but i was talking about keeping the gold color (on on on ) the gun in the game infl. dont be offended if you were. anyways. your the forum admin?
  12. RaekwoN

    RaekwoN Guest

    Omega, Billdog was refering to the fact that you may be African American, don't worry about him he's from some obscure European country ;P hehehe.
  13. Omega(SW)C

    Omega(SW)C Guest

    reakwon how or when am i going to be a mod veterian?
  14. Catalyst

    Catalyst Guest

    Please refrain from making racist statments on this messageboard. In order to prevent this, I am closing this thread.

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