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Online gaming not always fun

Discussion in 'Original Unreal Tournament' started by babystinky, Sep 1, 2001.

  1. babystinky

    babystinky New Member

    Aug 30, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Playing online is supposed to be fun, sometimes it is. But there seems to be a significant amount of cheating happening.
    I am not the best player there is, but I can at leat move well and get a certain amount of frags.

    It has recently come to my attention that there is just more than Aimbots out there.

    Stuff like --Dodge bots
    binding keys-shock rifle(you have seen the impossible)
    speed cheats
    Radar--knowing where the enemy is--
    Health cheats....

    I read the thread for newcomers it had something to do about cheating, but it wasn't nearly extensive enough. I want at least to know what the heck I am up against.

    Here are ways that I determine if someone "could" be cheating.
    A very hig rate of headshots, coupled with headshots when normally they would not know you were somewhere hiding(coming back as a spectator isn't always possible)..

    No "Random Feeling" the enemy always has a beat on you and/ can seem to always stay out your way whilst finding you ambushing you etc. EVERY TIME.
    The lack of being able to kill the other opponent. Only so much can be said of skill. For instance even the greatest of Hockey teams or even sports teams loose to the worst of teams on a givin night, that is the human element.

    When the "enemy" always gets you. always in a very heated fast uncontrolled battle always moves out of the way never moves the wrong way when everything is happening extremly fast, then something is wrong.

    Even the best can be at least killed at times and even if they have a much higher ratio--it shows the human element.

    Even the best atheletes make mistakes in split second circumstances, or even in pressured ones.

    Anyone familar with "Soccer" knows that, the penalty kick can be missed totally by the most skilled of players.

    It is true that there is a great many skilled players out there, ones who can "own" someone in the battle, but the lack of that human element is what tipps off something is wrong.

    Also the lack of your weapons doing the damage that normally would be seen. they seems to endure the strongest of weapons more than they should, even area weapons that normally don't need "perfect" aim.

    And this is the shame, most skilled players now always will have the "air" of suspicion and that is not fair -the people who do this as a hobby and who have put some time in.

    BTW to the really skilled ones out there--Good stuff--!:) I have seen some really fine players and I know they were just using plain skill. Really impressive.

    I don't know what the answers are , I personally think they should have servers dedicated to the cheaters, so that if the "itch" is there to play them then so be it, but really we should have enough clean servers out there for everyone to just have fun. I don't mind once in awhile playing bots it helps me get better but really I don't like playing them when an honest battle is happening.

    I love to play, although I don't have much time as I am busy, and my mouse has been giving me real problems, but if anyone plays or has a clean server I would love to be able to just join in every once in awhile, if you have a web-site let me know.

    As I mentioned I don't have a heck of a lot of time but i do find time to play every once in awile so let me know.

    The name online I use in UT is {Tazmanian}.....

    Thanks guys......
  2. Frag Fool

    Frag Fool New Member

    Jun 12, 2001
    Likes Received:
    My 2 cents...

    I agree that sometimes there might be cheats. But I think the most used sites are protected from fun spoilers.

    However, I feel the majority of good players are skilled but also have great internet connections. So the less they have to lead before hitting the kill zone the better they are. If they are playing on a bad laggy server then the playing field is now almost equal.. They may still be the best and win however one can come close to or even best them then. When you take away the internet advantage the real skill comes into play.

    I play a lot of low gravity Sniper only sites and I see this all the time..when the sever gets laggy they are no longer the invincible target they usually are.

    Just except the inevitable and have fun.. Until the internet backbone connections are the same you will suffer or win.. Look at all the practice you can get.. Plus you will get better.

    Just have Fun and wait your turn. :D
  3. OshadowO

    OshadowO Irregular

    Feb 10, 2000
    Likes Received:
    That' probably the best written Noobie rant I've ever read.
    online cheating is not that big of a problem. Stick to CHSP servers.
    Almost all Good players..and I'm not just talking the very very very good ones...but those who are even above average always dodge. I don't think they run..they just dodge.
    Them Knowing where you are is all about map knowledge.(sounds, exits etc)
    Not being able to kill them while they blast you in seconds is all about aim and movement.
    I've played a couple of the top players. I got one or two kills while they piled up 30 in a 15 minute DM 1 vs 1.
    It was scary as hell after about the 10th kill. I'd spawn 90 % they'd be there waiting for me. I would try and find ammo weapons...there wouldn't be any.
    They do make mistakes but you have to notice them and capitalise them.
    This can spoil the fun of a casual gamer but there are plenty of avg skilled players(which is why it's avg:D) around. I know because most pubs I play I find same skill...often more skilled competition. There is a level you'll probably need to reach before you stop being spanked all around.
    And as for pings....skill is not as dependent on pings as some people claim it to be imo. I've played hpbs who've spanked me good. I've been an hpb and held my own against lpbs...and often beaten those of equal skill in great mataches. Its all about knowing your environment. there is definetey an advantage but having been both an lpb and hpb and playing the same people on both connections I've come to the conclusion that people just make it out to be too much to use as an excuse for not being able to do well.
  4. Frag Fool

    Frag Fool New Member

    Jun 12, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Great post OshadowO, I respect what you say, however 99% of the time if your connection is on you play better and kill more. If it is lag and high ping you play poor that is the law of broadband. No skill can off set physics.. Low ping faster packet delivery, high upload speed=faster shots hitting the target first..

    babystinky, if you feel like you are being owned and the server is not treating you as well as the kick butt winner. Challenge them to a 1 on 1 using your IP add/machine and see if they will come and rule you at home. If they do come, and beat your arse off, then no foul. But I know from experience that it is a lot closer than the first outcome was and a lot of the time you will rule. But if you are not a skilled player to begin with then don't expect any miracles... ;)

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