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UE1 - UT Odd behavior of Masks

Discussion in 'Mapping' started by warpdragon, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. warpdragon

    warpdragon New Member

    Mar 11, 2011
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    get this:

    I made a 3D Assault map of my house and the land it sits on. This was several years ago when I ran Windows XP Pro. The map contains many masked textures.
    I recently found a cd with this old map file and the textures for it and am eager to finish building the game on my new computer running Windows 7 and a mammoth of a graphics card. I have a serious problem, though. All my masked areas look black until you back away until you're about ~1000 units or so from the brush. This effect happens in-editor and in-game. I am S:( frustrated.

    The Stats of the map follow:
    Brushes 507
    Zones 5
    Polys 4263
    Nodes 17921
    Ratio 4.20:1
    Max Depth 38
    Avg Depth 2
    Lights 50 (0)

    I've tried adjusting the BSP sliders, I've tried reimporting the textures, next I will try building a new texture file.

    PS. I hope this isn't one of those problems caused by the dreaded windows 7 compatibility file nonsense. I HATE that. For some reason the computer puts my map file into '.../Maps' as a normal file, yet it puts my texture file into '.../Textures' as a compatibility file. This is likely to be a pain in my backside for years to come. If I had realized that Windows 7 was going to make game modding a nightmare I would have ran away screaming.
  2. gopostal

    gopostal Active Member

    Jan 19, 2006
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    Switch graphics drivers and see if D3D/oGL clears it up. If it does you know you can narrow it down some.

    You should post a small demo map with a couple of the texture embedded so we can look at it. That would help a lot.

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