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Nostalgia + Snood

Discussion in 'General Infiltration Discussion' started by paleface, Feb 23, 2001.

  1. paleface

    paleface Guest

    Yesterday, I was sitting on the red roof in Extreme Predjudice, having a Me vs 31 God-like bots game. Anyway, I had a PSG loadout, and I sat prone untill I could see the bots coming up the end of the road. I proceeded to click on the heads of the first few, who fell over, and were replaced by the next wave. I dropped them, reloaded and kept shooting. I was at about 15 when I said, "Damn, bots suck." So I quit Inf, pulled out Rogue Spear from a box (blew the dust of the cover) and installed it.

    I have Inf with Rogue Spear controlls (right click to run, left shift to aim) so I went straight into "The Zone", and was suprised to find that was still over 600 people playing. I joined a nearby game, in which I had a good ping and got ready to play some bunkers.

    While RogueSpear is ugly, its still good fun, and after 3 games of being killed, I got back into it and soon was up there with the leaders. Unfortunately, the host had to leave so the game fell apart. No problem, a RS games takes 3 seconds to load, so i joined a game with 14 people playing. There was little talking, and most of them were in clans, so I expected to get killed quickly.

    We were playing in the oil tanker,and I had that waiting to start message. The game started, and Lo' and behold, in the first 3 seconds, somefunny boy dropped a grenade and killed ¾ of my team! Including me. I was rather annoyed, but decided to stay because grenade-man would probably be booted. But I was in for a long wait, most of my team whipped out the tents and sat with their heartbeat sensors out. You cant ghost cam in RS, so I wasen't sure, but you could count on the other team doing the same thing.

    But, seeing how camping seems to be a natural part of Inf, I thought while I was waiting, it would be great if I could press a button and make a game of Snood pop up to pass the time. For those of you who are deprived and dont know what Snood is, head over here to pick up. I dont know about the copyright issues with Snood, but its better than tetris, but even tetris would do. Or any little game like that to pass the time while your dead. It could pause and be ready for you next time you died.

    Oh and sorry I wrote so much crap just for that.
  2. Antedeluge

    Antedeluge I survived the flood of 2000 B.C.

    Jan 1, 2001
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    My roommate has permanently banned Snood from his computer because he cannot resist the urge to play it and he gets ridiculously pissed off when he screws up. All of those nasty little faces sitting there and mocking him and his poor snood-aiming abilities drives him wild. Snood could very well be the devil.

    If it's stupid, but works, it isn't stupid.
  3. Draco-1

    Draco-1 I've been to hell, and I spell it DMV.

    Jan 30, 2000
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    I used to play tribes a lot, and one great thing about the engine, is that the programmers created a scripting language for people to mess with. They also made it nigh impossible to cheat. Smart little buggers. But anyways, one of the more popular mods were custom HUDs. There were a whole slew of them for "The Lonely Defender" THese would have gimmicks from pinups of beautiful girls, to one that let you play tetris while you waited for the enemy to attack. :)

    I also remember a mod for UT that let you play Tetris in the GUI. I guess you should ESC out of a game and play that for a bit until you heard the restart of the round.

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  4. Lord_Bunker

    Lord_Bunker New Member

    Apr 18, 2000
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    you need to tweak your bots. and they also really depend on the map. whenever i play as omaha i can't robar one without dying imediatly. even if i use lean.


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