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[News] Alpha 9

Discussion in 'Jailbreak General' started by DannyMeister, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. DannyMeister

    DannyMeister UT3 Jailbreak Coder

    Dec 11, 2002
    Likes Received:
    We've had yet another new internal release!

    Main changes since alpha 8:

    • JBJumpPad now has all the team-specific features and visuals JBTeleporter already had.
    • JBInfoJail now defaults to bReleasesBothTeams = True, as the comment for that property previously already suggested. Additionally an Accessed None has been fixed here.
    • Setting bShowOnRadarMap=False for a Release Switch now actually has the intended effect of hiding the switch icon from the radar map.
    • Objective suggestions are a bit smarter than before and won't suggest attacking if the player doesn't want to. (unless really necessary)
    • Improved Kismet: Get Prisoners can now filter bots. Count Players can now count prisoners in specific jails. (This should help selecting an execution camera.) Activate Release should work now. Jail Status event's Releaser and Release Switch outputs have been fixed.
    • New Kismet stuff: Action Do Melee Attack - tells a titan to perform a melee attack. Action Become Titan - tells a player to become a titan, or a titan to become a behemoth. Condition Is a bot? - finds out, whether a specific player is a bot or not. (These should help adding bot support for escape routes.) Get Match Settings - Returns match settings, such as time limit and goal score, and transportation device settings. Spawn Projectile - does the same thing as the stock Spawn Projectile, except you may pass in actors instead of vectors for the origin and target, and Instigator is no longer required. Cancel Arena Fight - Cancels scheduled arena fights that have not yet begun.
    • Fixed execution cam not working for dead prisoners.
    • Added localized bot orders to scoreboard. The spacing has also been improved.

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