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newbie questions - sorry =)

Discussion in 'General Infiltration Discussion' started by Sergeant Horvath, Mar 28, 2001.

  1. well my second day of infiltration. its cool but i have some questions.

    1. i cant get my flashlight to work. i push "f" and nothing happens. i bought shotgun with flashlight and still nothing. what am i doing wrong?

    2. how are you supposed to tell enemy from friend at a distance? also how are you supposed to see ANYONE at a distance. man ive never had such a hard time trying to spot people before. got any tips?

    3. is there binoculars or something so we can see far away or do we have to carry around a sniper rifle just for that?

    4.do you shoot with the gun sights or shoot from the hip? the gun blocks half the darn screen. i have a 19" monitor and it cuts down on vision cause i hold it up ready to go. do you guys do something different?

    k.. i think thats it. any other tips you could give would be appreciated. thanks.
  2. itskeiagain

    itskeiagain Guest

    Welcome aboard!

    I don't think flashlight key works at this point. As for flashlight attachment on your shotgun, press Activate Attachment(or similar) button.

    2.identifying people
    You can with a scope. Otherwise you can't unless you could tell the differences in camos.

    Not available at this point.

    4.iron sight
    The iron sight will hinder your view, so I use hip position when just walking around. When I think I'll encounter someone, I raise the gun to my chin. Or hold your gun up to your chin but look down a bit so you have a better view in front of you. You CAN shoot with your gun in hip position but it takes more practicing. Then again, the kick of the gun can block your view when using iron sight, too. You just have to see which position suits better in certain situations.

  3. yazz

    yazz Guest


    > 1 <

    I do not know if there is a regular flashlight in Inf, but
    you can choose a "flashlight" attachment for the shutgun and
    activate it by pressing a key which you configured via the
    keyboard settings for Infiltration

    > 2 & 3 <

    Inf. simulates real life and in real life you can tell if
    someone is an enemy if you can identify his uniform ...

    ... you can to that by using a scoped weapon or by identifying
    the uniform OR by knowing where your team members are ;-)

    > 4 <

    I use the iron sights for aiming, like in real life, you
    will aim through the sights to hit your enemy, if you aim
    "via the hip", you will have real problems hitting your
    enemy ... like in real life :)

    btw., the "aiming" feature is very unique and that is why I
    play Inf ... and love Inf :)

  4. Gar

    Gar Magnum Farce

    Oct 26, 2000
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    I think you have to bind a key to the flashlight but also change a value in your infiltration.ini file:

    look for a line that says:
    and change the zero to a 1.

    Hope it works for you,

  5. Kastral

    Kastral Brazen Lunatic

    Apr 27, 2000
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    Iron Sights:
    I keep my gun at ready position, but tilted down so i get pretty much the full screen to view. This (in my opinion) would be the most practical in real life, and taken that this is a real life mod this is what i do ;-)

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  6. Wattz

    Wattz New Member

    Mar 23, 2001
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    I haven't played very long either, but I usually walk around with my gun at my hip, and then when I'm getting close to the enemy I just bring it up and aim through the regular thing... It's kinda wierd at first but I got used to looking through the small hole.

    Also, it's a good idea to aim for their stomach at first, because with an M16 the kick from it pops it straight to their face, and it makes for an easier kill.

    I dunno about the flashlight things, and I usually use a scope-type thing on any weapon I loadout so I don't really have a problem...

  7. Death_Wish

    Death_Wish Guest

    There is no regular flashlight and at least on my computer when I look through a scope my vision gets brighter and it's easier to see in dark conditions. I usually walk/run aroun dwith my gun at the hip and when I think that there maybe an enemy nearby I shoulder my gun and get ready.

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  8. Sebu_NZ

    Sebu_NZ Kalashnikov's Personal Pimp!

    Dec 25, 2000
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    I find that iron sites

    angled down a wee bit is the best way to go, for me at least.
  9. Roland

    Roland Guest

    Sergeant Horvath?.....
    Were you on the Day of Defeat forum?
  10. The_Fur

    The_Fur Back in black

    Nov 2, 2000
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    poor you

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  11. Death_Wish

    Death_Wish Guest

    I don't like Day of Defeat.

    What doesn't kill you, can hurt really bad

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