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New Weapon Ideas

Discussion in 'Mod/Mutator Ideas' started by The Twiggman, Feb 7, 2002.

  1. The Twiggman

    The Twiggman Instagib 4 Life

    Feb 7, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Here is some ideas that may come in handy if your doing a weapons pack.

    Extream Golfclub
    Primary: Charges up swing to hit an exploding ball.
    Secondary: Whipps the club.

    Primary: Builds it by holding down for 45 sec.
    Secondary: Loads it up with ammo.
    It fires shells at targets that explode redeemer style with a flak shockwave.

    Air Compresser
    Primary: Damages and pushes opponents away.
    Secondary: Screwdrivers in and fires them.

    Melted CD Player
    Primary: Fires CD's to decapitate players.
    Secondary: Fires a bass shockwave that disintegates people.

    Baseball Bat On A Chain
    Primary: Regular swing.
    Secondary: Swings it with the chain.

    High Pressure Acidrain Hose
    Primary: High pressure waterflow to cut players in half.
    Secondary: Fires out the sides instead of straight.

    Potatoe Gun
    Primary: Fires a potatoe.
    Secondary: Fires a rock.

    Electric Shaver
    Primary: Jab.
    Secondary: Swipe towards the head.

    Boxing Gloves
    Primary: Quick Punch.
    Secondary: Charging Power Punch

    Primary: Whipps them and they explode.
    Secondary: Sets them up.

    Magnifing Glass
    Primary: Make a beam of light to burn players.
    Secondary: Use the handle as a knife.

    Spiked Shoes
    Primary: A regular kick.
    Secondary: Kick the soe off.

    Continum Transfunctioner (Dude where's my car)
    Primary:Sets it up in 60 sec.
    Secondary:Remote atomic bomb that produces a wall of fire from the blast that knowone can survive.

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