New north american TS server

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As you may already know, Shan, who provided this community with game servers, TS servers and other fine services, is taking his servers down. I’d like to thank him for all these great services he provided to this community for free.

Following this announcement, I decided to provide a new North American TeamSpeak server for Ghost Dogs. After giving it some thought, I decided to offer public access to this server to this community, just as Shan did with his server.

I hope this will allow all of us to keep a common rally point for even more fine Infiltration games in the future.

GD INF/BF2 Public TeamSpeak server

Note: The port is not the default TS port.
Location: Chicago, Illinois

I hope you all enjoy it :)
If you have any suggestions, comment or requests, feel free to contact me.
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I feel that it would be in the best interest of the entire community if I were given admin rights. Think about it, I could keep out the "trouble-makers." Yeah, you know who you are, be aware of the fact that I am now an admin and will not tolorate any foolishness!