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New ModSquad Reviews

Discussion in 'News & Articles' started by QAPete, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. QAPete

    QAPete Chief Muckety Muck

    Aug 17, 1999
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    ModSquad reviewed ChaosUT2: Evolution (pictured) and the HealthBot mutator. Here's a clip of their ChaosUT2 piece:

    The Gravity Vortex Launcher is the super-weapon of the bunch. It shoots out a little ball that, of course, releases a gravity vortex, sucking players in, and leaving their torsoes behind. The death animation is sweet. Excellent.

    But the king of the weapons is, of course, the Claw2. This gun is as fun as the Grappling Hook. It can shoot one of two items. It can either shoot Proxy Mines or Fire Mines. But neither are ordinary. For standard ass kicking, the Fire Mine is preferred. A mine is released, and it shoots out a laser. If anything crosses the laser, the poor sap is engulfed with flames. Delicious. But who needs that when you have the GREATEST proxy mines ever invented. Cute little smiley face balls with legs are ejected from the gun. Primary lets them bounce about freely. Secondary lets them await they're prey. Either way, be prepared for 0wnery. Watch as your little proxys of doom chase the victim, all the while spitting hilarious tidbits (I love it when they sing...nothing is better). This is one of my top 10 weapons of all time.

    Read more of ModSquad's extensive library of mod and mutator reviews!

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