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New members: read this before posting!

Discussion in 'Original Unreal Tournament' started by The Dopefish, Dec 12, 2001.

  1. The Dopefish

    The Dopefish Active Member

    Apr 17, 2000
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    New members: read this before posting! (Pt. 1)

    In an effort to aid you, the new and curious forum-goer, myself, the administrators and moderators, and the rest of the BeyondUnreal Forumers offer this ever-expanding list of Frequently Asked Questions about UT. If you see a question you need answered, feel free to post your question in this thread. These questions aren't in any specific order, so utilizing the Search on This Page option in your browser might help your search.

    UT Questions/Answers

    Which is better: Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament (or Tribes 2 or Serious Sam or Doom 3 or <enter game name here>)?
    Many people will argue that all these games have their high points and low points, but if you're looking for an opinion on these games on an Unreal Tournament-based forum, chances are good that Unreal Tournament will win most debates.

    Since this sort of discussion has already been addressed numerous times in the history of these forums, it is suggested that you do not make threads asking this question.

    Is <blank> cheating?
    Most BuFers agree that anything requiring a hack (program or adjustment that changes the way UT is run) such as an aimbot, skin cheat, or powerup timer, is a cheat. There are a few things that do not require hacks, that are also considered cheats, such as using Godmode on a server you have admin access to, or taking advantage of map bugs. When playing on the pubs, if you aren't doing these types of things, you aren't cheating. Some things are considered cheap, but not cheating, such as spawnsniping, and pistonportal camping. People on the pubs may ask you to stop doing these things, but if they call you a cheater they are going overboard.

    The clan scene is a little different than the pub scene. On the Teamplay ladder (a major UT ladder) redeemer launching is banned (grabbing the flag, then suiciding by blasting a redeemer at your feet in order to send the flag flying over to your base so a teammate can cap it). Interestingly, Teamplay allows rocketbooting (blasting rockets at a teammate's feet after he grabs the flag to send him flying back to your base with the flag). Rocketboosting requires more teamwork than redeemer launching. On the European ladders, numerous things are considered cheating that are allowed on American ladders, such as window dropping (backing up towards a window while holding the flag, then translocating to drop the flag through the window).

    What is an aimbot?
    An aimbot is a client side hack, usually embedded in the UTMenu.u file, that is created for one purpose: for you to cheat. You install it and it allows the computer to aim for you when you play UT online. It is most effective with hitscan weapons (instant hit weapons) such as the sniper rifle and the minigun. With a low ping, aimbots will basically have perfect aim. Aimbotters ruin games for those who play fairly. If you are caught using this cheat, you will be banned from most UT ladders/tourneys, and very few clans will have anything to do with you. There is a program called CSHP that servers run to detect aimbots. The latest version (CSHP4x) detects most aimbots, and new versions of CSHP come out as new aimbots are discovered.

    Where can I get an aimbot?
    Having read the above two paragraphs, you must understand when I, and most other people on the BeyondUnreal Forums, say that we will not tell you where to get an aimbot.

    Is this where I go to report an aimbot?
    Not really; people usually come here to inquire if what they've encountered is someone with an aimbot. In any case, the best people to tell about an aimbotter are the guys over at The Llama Farm. Remember, sufficent proof is usually a pre-requisite before posting on their boards or e-mailing them, either with a demo or ngStats. Be aware though; someone who is really really good isn't necessarily an aimbot user. If the person in question has 100% headshots for all of his kills and has only died a few times, chances are that is an aimbot user.

    What is the best mod for UT?
    Despite the fact that this has been asked many times, there is no real clear answer. It depends on what kind of gameplay you're looking for.

    Most people will say that, for realism, Infiltration is the best mod in that category. Other realism mods include TacticalOps, and Strike Force.

    For class-based gameplay (a lá Team Fortress for Half Life), Weapons Factory UT and UnrealFortress are the more popular ones.

    If you're looking for various other types of gameplay, here's a list of some other popular mods.

    If you're looking for more mods or maybe reviews of mods, ModSquad is a good site to find reviews and links to mods and mutators.

    How do I get Xan?
    Xan, the robot model that comes with UT, can be gotten if you beat UT's single player tournament fully and beat Xan in the final, 15 frag limit, 1v1 deathmatch on HyperBlast. You can also get Xan by going into your user.ini file (in the UT System folder) with Notepad or some text editor and typing the following at the very bottom:

    One more thing: you can also summon Xan (or a reasonable facsimile of him) into a botmatch by, in game, pressing the ` or ~ key and typing:

    summon tbossbot
    Xan will be on the Gold team, usually.

    Can I bind single-buttom dodging?
    Though there are rumors about single-button dodging being a real thing (via aliases), it doesn't seem there's any solid proof.

    What are the best maps and where do I get them?
    At Nali City, you can find probably the biggest database of UT custom maps and reviews in the UT community.

    How do I get rid of the intro?
    You can get rid of the intro by going into your unrealtournament.ini file (in the UT System folder) with Notepad or some text editor and, where it says "LocalMap=CityIntro.unr", replace it with "LocalMap=UT-Logo-Map.unr".

    How do I beat Xan?
    Of course, people are going to have different opinions on how to beat Xan, but many of them revolve around on thing: the shield belt. Many people will tell you that hanging around there (or whoring :D) will increase your chance of beating Xan.

    The area in HyperBlast around the shield belt is also very convenient for anyone just sitting there; there are health vials lining the path to the shield belt, and the sound of vials being picked up is obvious enough as that you know someone is coming.

    What do I get for beating Xan? What comes after that?
    Besides getting the option to use Xan's model as your own, there's nothing more to do after beating Xan. People will recommend you become an online player now.

    How do I get Loque/the other 16 bots?
    Check the Random Bots box in the Bot setup tab. You'll get to play him, eventually, and he very much r0x j00r nuts. He's incredibly accurate and hard to kill.

    How do I get RID of Loque?
    Check the Random Bots box and click the Edit bots button.

    The best setup for the bots is no favorite weapon, middle strafing and alertness, lowest accuracy and camping, aggressive behavior, and jumpiness (optional). Then use the Godlike skill level.

    Is Loque or Xan better?
    In a semi-official match held by namu, Loque bested Xan in two maps, thus proving once and for all that the aimbot using m0 named Loque is better. :)

    How do bots and people on internet servers do flips?
    It's called a dodge. If you have dodging enabled in your options, just double tap your direction key and you'll do a dodge.

    What is the best weapon for UT/What is your favorite weapon in UT?
    Usually when newbies ask this question, they don't stop to realize that many people use different weapons for different gametypes AND in different situations. What is the favorite for one person chasing down an enemy flag carrier is most likely different than someone else's favorite. The possibilities are endless; it is best left up to you to decide which weapon is the best.

    What is the best map for UT/What is your favorite map in UT?
    On the same note as "What is the best weapon/What is your favorite weapon", many people here on the forums play many different gametypes. There are also lots of different tastes on the forums and many different opinions. Again, it is better that you decide which map(s) are the best for you.

    What is on the second UT CD?
    On all UT releases where there is a second CD, it contains a set of high resolution textures that, if you have to right card (or UT drivers, as the case has been), you can install them and use them in your gameplay.

    FilePlanet is teh suxx0r! Where else can I get UT files?
    Besides UnrealTournament.com, Pluribus.org has some really fast downloads you might try.

    How do I make a demo?
    In game, press the ` or ~ key and type the following:

    demorec <filename>
    To stop, press the ` or ~ key and type the following:

    How do I play a demo?
    First, make sure the demo in question is in your UT System folder. Then, in game, press the ` or ~ key and type the following:

    demoplay <filename>
    How do I convert my demo from .dem to .avi?
    ION_Ace offers up this post instructing you what to download and the steps to take after downloading it.

    How do I take a screenshot?
    By default, the key is F9. You'll know a screenshot was taken if the screen flashes brighter for a moment. If F9 doesn't work, press the ` or ~ key and type the following:

    set input F9 sshot
    Your screenshots are stored in the System folder, as Shotxxxx.bmp or Shotxxxx.tga.[/url]

    How do you get the various ASCII characters into your name?

    There are two methods:
    1. Manually, by copying and pasting the various characters from the Character Map (Start > Programs > Accessories) into your System/user.ini file or in the Player Setup menu in UT
    2. By use of this mod

    How do I make a good clan recruitment thread?
    The best idea is NOT to say you're the best clan ever made. This will get a sour response, if any at all. Some idea of your history, the current status of the clan, your location (North America/Europe/Australia/Asia/South Pole ;)), and ways to contact you would be more desirable.

    Why doesn't nVidia put Glide support into their cards?
    One reason is because software makers aren't supporting or planning to support the Glide API.

    How do I install a UMOD?
    If you find that just double clicking and trying to open it doesn't work (which it should), the .umod file type may no longer exist. Go to My Computer, View > Folder Options. Click on the File Types tab, and click the New Type button. The description of the file is an Unreal Module. The associated file extension is .umod. The content type is application/x-compressed. The action is Install this Unreal module. The application used to perform the action is C:\UnrealTournament\System\Setup.exe install "%1".

    I've just installed UT for the first time; what do I need?
    If you've just installed an OEM or non-Game of the Year edition of UT, you need a lot, starting with the 436 patch. Then, it is recommended you get the Bonus Packs, except for the Digital Extremes pack (the reason for this is, when connecting to a server some people have received error messages related to a file in that Bonus Pack), then download CTF-Orbital and CTF-HallofGiants from Nali City. Or, you could install it then uninstall the mutators that comes with it (the reason for this is, CTF-Orbital and CTF-HallofGiants comes with it; they are two popular maps online).

    If you have just installed the GOTY edition of UT, you only need the 436 patch and the 4th Bonus Pack. All of these things can be found here.

    Also, you should update Rocket Arena to version 1.6.

    Why is it that everytime I connect to a server I get a "'de' version mismatch"?
    The DE mutator came with Bonus Pack 2. The 2 files de.u and de.int was updated with patch 4.36.
    So, if you patched to 4.36 and installed Bonus Pack 2 after you patch the game, you will get the 'de version mismatch error' on most servers.
    You can fix this in 3 ways:
    • Repatch UT to 4.36
    • Delete the 2 files, de.int and de.u, join a server and download the files to your cache. Rename the files and put them to your unrealtournament\system folder.
    • Replace the 2 files with the files I attach to the following post.
      Unzip them to your Unrealtournament\system folder

    Why can't I use my skin/model I downloaded online?
    This is because a lot of servers don't have your skin/model on them.

    How do I bind commands?
    For voice binds, the best way is to go to Options, click the Input tab, and click the Voice Binds button.

    For normal text binds, there's a multitude of ways: (1.) using the "say" and "teamsay" commands in the user.ini file (System folder); (2.) pressing the Tab key and typing in the following:

    set input <button> say/teamsay <text>
    ...or (3.) press the ` or ~ key and doing the above.

    How do I add more than 16 bots?
    In game, press the ` or ~ key and type the following (## equals a number):

    addbots ##
    What kind of secrets/easter eggs are there?
    The most well known one is the one in DM-Codex. There is a picture of Cliff Bleszinski (CliffyB) in there.

    Two ones that BuFers "invented" (i.e. they're not likely to be real) are the Redeemer under the sub in CTF-November and Nalis giving each other reach arounds and hot carls in DM-Peak. Both are not real. :p

    What's the difference between the ping results that are showed when you press F1 and F6?
    Alright, just for the record, the ping displayed with F1 is your actual honest-to-goodness ping. This is the time in seconds that it takes for a ping packet to travel to the server and back.

    However, pure ping doesn't mean much in a regular game. There are other factors, such as the time it takes to process that packet, both by you and the host server, the slowdown due to rendering a frame, etc.

    The F6 number you get is what Epic calls "effective ping" and takes into account things like the server's current processing load, your computer's current processing load and graphics draw time, a little bit of averaging to get you a more "realistic" number.

    For those of you in America, where this gets mentioned, think of the F1 ping as the current temperatue, and F6 as "windchill" which is how it feels to a person outside. F1 is true ping, F6 is "adjusted" to what it "feels like", and therefore will almost always be higher.

    What is the ideal framerate for my system?
    In this thread many of us posted our system specs and our framerates while running the intro map. Check that thread for details on how to check your framerates under the same conditions as we did. Then look through the thread and find systems similar to yours. Please add your results to that thread. The more of us that contribute, the more helpful it is. If you are getting significantly lower framerates then people with similar systems and settings, then you have a problem and should post on the troubleshooting forum.

    What is/are decals/coronas/volumetric lighting?
    Decals are the impact marks that the weapons make. Coronas are the light effects that lights make in game (the circle textures). Volumetric lighting is the colored lighting in the game.

    If any of the above are expendable (for frame rate increases), they would have to be decals and coronas. Many people use volumetric lighting as a way to judge where their shock combos and shock secondary ae located.

    What is an ideal cache size?
    For a long time it was commonly believed that you should set your cache to 1/3rd your RAM. However, Tim Sweeney has recently stated that your cache isn't used to store a large amount of information. This is why the default is 8. He basically stated that having it set to 100 or higher is absurdly high. He didn't recommend setting it over 16. Many BuFers have followed the 1/3rd standard for a long time and haven't lowered their cache to 16 due to a general reluctance to change things when there are no problems.

    What's next after Unreal Tournament?
    As you can see by our list of choices in the Unreal Engine section of our forums, we have a forum dedicated to Legend Entertainment's spring 2002 release of Unreal 2. The game, which runs in the same with Unreal (in that single-player is emphasized), is NOT a sequel. It will have an entirely different story and plotline.

    Epic is already planning to release a sort-of sequel to Unreal Tournament called Unreal Warfare. Details for that release are scarce.

    And, just as a teaser, Epic has registered the web addresses of Unreal3.com and Unreal4.com. Whether or not those games will be released remains to seen, so stay tuned.

    Where can I find the best FAQ on UT?
    Whatever else you need can probably be found at UT ©leaned (Cleaner's FAQ).

    Last edited: Feb 27, 2002
  2. The Dopefish

    The Dopefish Active Member

    Apr 17, 2000
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    New members: read this before posting! (Pt. 2)

    U2/UT2 Questions/Answers

    Have any release dates been announced for Unreal 2 or Unreal Tournament 2?
    Mark Rein announced in March that Unreal 2 will be pushed back to a Christmas 2002 release, while Unreal Tournament 2 is looking at a June 2002 release.

    What is/where can I get the leaked Unreal 2 demo?
    I'll address this by posting what was said in an announcement on these forums:

    The "leaked" version of Unreal 2 is considered stolen property by all the admins and moderators of Planet Unreal. In respect to Epic, Legend Entertainment, Infogrames and others, the admins and moderators of Beyond Unreal will delete any and all links to download the "stolen" copy. Also, the admins and moderators have been requested to delete any links to pirated screen shots of the stolen product. Violators could be banned from our forums. Do not support the underhanded thieves by downloading or passing any links to the pre-alpha version of Unreal II. Planet Unreal, in conjunction with the respective game developers, requests all forum members to report anyone who is passing links or offering the alpha version for download. Here is a message from Legend:

    Again, please report any violators to the Beyond Unreal staff or directly to Legend Entertainment.

    We do understand that some people may not know that the pre-alpha version was leaked and may post links, innocently. We will treat violators in a fair and impartial manner, concerning this issue. However, if it is proven the violator intentionally disregarded our requests, then they will be banned.

    If any member currently posted links to any screenshots or to download locations, you have 24 hours to delete/edit your posts. Your are also requested to provide details about how and where you received information about the links and download locations. This is the final warning.


    General/Other/BuF-related Questions/Answers

    How do I get that picture/text under my name?
    From this page (or any other, for that fact) on the forums, there is an icon at the top that says "User CP" and a link on the bottom that says "Edit Profile." Both will get you to the area where you can edit your profile.

    To change your custom avatar (the picture), go to Edit Options. You can use a picture from your hard drive or from online.

    What does l337 mean?
    On our forums and in our chat, we say all sorts of things that you've probably never heard before. You'll learn to say these things at a fairly common rate soon enough, and maybe even install it in to your Real Life (tm) chatter.

    BTW, l337 (or l33t, or 1337, or 1ee7, or 133t, or...) is shorthand for elite.

    Does BeyondUnreal have a chat room?
    Of course! You can find us lurking/idling...maybe even chatting :)o)...on the irc.enterthegame.com network in the channel #beyondunreal 24/7/365. :)

    Do the BeyondUnreal Forumers have a home page?
    We sure do, and it's hosted on BeyondUnreal and maintained by resident supercomputer, super-admin hal. You can find it here.

    Is BuF a clan?
    BuF is a community based on the BeyondUnreal Forums. It is also our abbreviation for the forums. Online, most forum goers have it stapled to their name somehow, usually with the |BuF tag. But we are not a clan, of any sort.

    How do I become a BuF?
    Basically, it has been accepted that anyone who posts at least once on BuF is a BuFer. Of course, this means even forum llamas could be considered BuFers, but we tend not to think so.

    What is a TCD?
    TCDs (thread control devices) are our unique way of "warning" the viewing audience what they're dealing with in this thread. These devices range from funny to serious and come in a variety of flavors and are even produced in convenient quart and pint-sized cartons. (OK, that part was a joke. :))

    All of the "official" TCDs are kept here.

    What is a llama/m0?
    A llama is someone who does lame things in the game and around the community (i.e. a lamer). We "corral" these people and put them in their place: The Llama Farm.

    "m0" is shorthand for moron.

    How do I post images in my posts/signature?
    It says in the vB FAQ how to do that, but I'll tell you how anyway since it is a frequently asked question. :) You do it by using the follwing tags, without the spaces before the img part:

    [ img]<web address here>[/ img]
    What is Terragen, and where do I get it?
    Well, if you have a look at the Terragen website, you'll see that Matt Fairclough describes it as "photorealistic scenery rendering software". Available on that page is demo pictures, a look into the past and future versions of Terragen, and links to many resources concerning Terragen. There's also a Yahoo!-based message board with pictures being added and web sites being listed.

    The newest version of Terragen is version 0.8.24.

    WTF happened to the PlanetUnreal Forums?
    Quite some time ago, it became apparent to the moderators and administrators of the PlanetUnreal Forums that GameSpy were more than intent on moving PuF to ForumPlanet, which, by all accounts, is a downgrade from vBulletin. In the months of planning, their plans became more and more apparent, and as of October 13, 2001, they had already started a test PuF on ForumPlanet. The moderators and administrators, headed by Chris "Stallion/clambert" Lambert (who works for vBulletin), decided their time to act was running short, so, on October 14, 2001, a "new" forum was born: the BeyondUnreal Forums!

    Having Chris as part of our community was a God-send (for those of you who believe in God :)). Not only was/is he head administrator of the forums, he also owned the license on which GameSpy was using our forums. Unfortunately for GameSpy, the posts, threads, and creations of PuFers belonged to the PuFers themselves (as said in the copyright of vBulletin), so Chris had all legal right to export everything - posts, threads, images, avatars, etc. - to BuF. (BTW, Epic graciously donated the BeyondUnreal.com URL as that we could have our forums. When you see one of their members, give a few thousand humps for all of us at BuF, would ya? :D) Everyone at BuF thanks the moderation and administration staff for their tireless work to make sure the community stayed together.

    WTF happened to Nali City and Fusion?
    They are now hosted on BeyondUnreal.

    Nali City

    (Recently, Fusion became ExpandedMultiplayer.)

    Is there anyone on BuF that is offering hosting for signature images?
    Yes: DexterII and phatcat. Below is information on getting your signature image hosted by DexterII:

    You can also e-mail phatcat for information on hosting your sig on his webspace.

    How do I go about finding out what things have already been discussed on these forums?
    By utilizing the forums' search engine.

    This is BuF UT FAQ version 7.564, first posted on June 12, 2001, and last updated March 10, 2002.

    Version changes are affected as follows:
    -microscopic changes (changes that don't really need to be made) = .001 change
    -minor changes (retooling of questions/answers, moving questions/answers to other categories) = .01 change
    -medium changes (new questions/answers) = .1 change
    -major changes (cosmetic changes) = 1.0 change
    -test changes (trying different things, like to improve readibility) = letter change

    Editor's note: I am not 100% personally responsible for the makeup of this FAQ. Many BuFers have contributed to the creation and editing of this FAQ. If it weren't for them and their dedication to this community, this FAQ would not be existing today. I give my thanks to them and hope that they continue to make this community better and easier to use than any other.
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2002
  3. Arctic Grunt

    Arctic Grunt New Member

    Jun 7, 2004
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    Apparently, I have one question...

    in UT/U1, i noticed that scirpted creatures (Skaarjwarriors, Brutes, Krall, Titans, Etc.), Don't attack Bots. Is there a way to fix this problem, A Fix that you can run/install to fix the problem, or is it irreparable?
  4. Arnox

    Arnox UT99/2004 Mod Crazy

    Mar 26, 2009
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    So does anyone have any idea now when Unreal Tournament 2 will be released?

  5. xMurphyx

    xMurphyx New Member

    Jun 2, 2008
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    Weren't we up to Unreal Tournament 99 already?


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