New means to gauge stamina & health?

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Kyle Kellahshehskee

Mar 3, 2004
Metro Detroit, Michigan
In spite of how sharply I disliked the recently released game "Brothers in Arms" there ARE elements of it that I enjoyed.

Well, ONE element that I enjoyed: the hit effects system. When one gets wounded dirt, debris, and blood seemingly "lands" on the viewer's "screen." I thought that maybe with some adjusting, such an element could create a deeper sense of immersion without having to read a ton of HUD graphics.

Please note that ALL of the following effects will be out of focus in appearance since the sweat, debris, and blood is so close to the player's eyes.

As the player grows tired, drops of sweat roll down the far sides of the player's screen. As the player gets increasingly more tired, the sweat will appear more often, and colors get more desaturated in their intensity. When the player is VERY tired, the sweat will start to roll down the middle of the screen as well, as though the droplets are hugging the sides of the player's "nose."

Droplets of blood and dirt will stick to the player's screen for only a limited amount of time. The graver the wound the more blood that appears. A strobing red flash will accompany the blood droplets' appearance, however, unlike the blood droplets the strobing red flash STAYS at its intensity until the player is healed. The deepness and opacity of the flash that the pain brings is determined by how severely one is hurt. Please note that if this effect is coupled with my suggestions for adjustable attributes (found here: ), then the amount of painful strobing may be reduced depending on how many points one has invested in High Pain Threshold.
Apr 21, 2003
Didn't played the game (have to check out the demo). And those effects might be nice (I like natural/organic looking effects), but to me such things look more like you have a glass and all that stuff drips down it.
This might look photorealistic, but in the game it might feel just arcadish. Don't know.

I would really love to have such effects in a different way.
- When you have tactical-googles and it's raining you see water running down the glas.
- When you were in whater and get out there the water should run down the glas and disappear, while drips are left on the glas.
- When you have a helmet/cap/boonie-hat and it's raining some water drips drop from the top of the screen.
- When explosions went off near you, dust could particulrary cover the tac-googles.
- When you run and drop yourself in mud, some mud will stick to the tac-googles glas.

- Same with environment. When it's cold and you get inside warm buildings the tac-googles will get steamed. Same with scopes.

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New Member
Jan 7, 2003
You can't see anything on your tac-goggles because your eyes don't and can't focus on it.

It simply gets blurry. The biggest problem is when you're sweating like a pig after running to the ambush point in your full web-gear and you sit there and watch the fog on the inside of the goggles gradually make you blind :D

High-quality scopes don't fog up, they are filled with nitrogen.


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Apr 20, 2002
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Couple of things:
A) There are easy ways of keeping surfaces from fogging up or staying wet. first is commercial (and probably also milspec) antifog sprays or coatings (also called surfactants.) The other more common way (and what most people use) is soap. A thin coating of soap, (say shampoo or dish detergent) will prevent water from sticking to the surface, and thus fogging up or getting coated in water.
B) Nitrogen filled scopes as far as I can tell are used to prevent fogging on the inside of the glass. It may be easier to fill the scope with nitrogen than to vacuum seal it to drive out the water (nitrogen gas is denser than water vapour.) This however will not prevent the outside from fogging. For the outside surfactants are probably used again (perhaps permanent coatings, I don’t know,) however you’d likely need to be more careful what you’d put on it to prevent changing curvature and refractive indexes and such.

But yeah hit effects are something I think everyone wants. Few of us can agree on what it should be, but we all want something.


New Member
Jul 1, 2000
Kuala Lumpur
Yes, I'd be pleased to see HUD elements minimised. But here's how I would implement it..

At full health, everything looks normal and clear. But when you're hit, the screen flashes red (really red, i.e. 255, 0, 0) causing the user to be alarmed and mentally hurt as though IRL. Following that, the edges of the screen will strobe red, with its speed depending on the health status of the soldier to simulate the pain (and annoyance to the player for distraction purposes). By just looking at this effect, the player will literally feel hurt (if not pain to the eyes). Finally, when the soldier dies, the camera should hit the dirt and the screen fades to black.

At full energy, everything is normal and clear until it drops to ~70%. That's when the view starts to get darker (fading to black) with a tunnel vision effect. This should prolly continue at an exponential rate until when soldier's stamina is 0%, the blackness is at max ~50% (as 100% blackness would indicate unconsciousness).